Aceon Reborn Race List

Started by RanmaChan, 18-12-2020

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This post is an index to find information on the lore and details of the different races that inhabit Aceon, and that players can roleplay as. If you wish to play as a custom race, or see new races added to the world of Aceon, please head over to the Applications section of the Minecraft forum.

You must play as an officially approved race, random races will not be allowed on the server.

Humans -

C'tis -'tis/msg153306/#msg153306

High Elves -

Dark Elves -

Grey Elves -

Wood Elves -

Dwarves -

Goblins -

Hob-Goblins -

Iron Goblins -

Grey Orcs -

Green Orcs -

Gnomes -

S'ogreth -
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