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[Lore][Race] Iron Goblins

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on: 29-03-2012
A collection of academic papers was found buried in the ruined home of a Skandarian city, name unknown. This is what it contained:

~~Excerpt taken from the scroll 'A Treatise on Goblin Kind and Their Respective Sub-Races.' written by Professor Alcinous Phemus head of biological and racial research at the Provectum College of Greater Knowledge~~

The Iron Goblin is a larger more aggressive version of the common goblin. Upon dissection an Iron Goblin shows a much greater muscle density than that of a common Goblin, which leads us to assume that they are significantly stronger then their shyer cousins. This combined with an abnormally large pituitary gland in relation to their body size can be seen as a cause of the males aggressive nature and the females increased rate of ovulation.

~~Extract from 'The History Of Inferior Races' author unknown~~

Iron Goblins differ in mentality to common Goblins, and their history shows this. The Iron Goblin heroine, Grul the Aggressor or Grul the Possessor, (it does not translate well) carved a bloody path through a succession of human and elvish settlements and battalions. She and her small band of Iron Goblins craved the material for which their race is named: Iron. They sought not to use, only to attain, this metal. Grul, herself, was clad in a rough hemp sack for armour; she melted down her own armour into polished ingots to heap upon her treasure hoard. Her small force quickly grew and became known and feared far and wide. In her final battle, Grul was outside Stillwater, and faced a force of elves and humans totalling nearly two thousand arrayed against her five hundred Iron Goblins in their sack armour... A massacre of Iron Goblins ensued.

Grul and her bodyguard battled their way through to the elven command. Covered in gore Grul and her warriors were like demons possessed. They fell upon the High Elven captain Ellsmer. The skin was torn from his flesh and Grul took his silver crown. She stood, transfixed by the gleaming circlet as her guard were cut down around her. She placed the crown upon her brow and was enveloped by white light. The light faded. And there stood Grul the Magnificent, glowing in the midday sun. Turned into solid silver. What remained of her forces fled, the humans and elves placed the warrior statue inside a monastery.
To this day Iron Goblins go on great pilgrimages to the Church of the Silver Queen as it has not been dubbed, laying down iron and silver, asking for Gruls' strength and might. All Iron Goblins to this day refuse to wear jewellery of any kind (particularly elvish) for fear of suffering the same fate.
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CP, this is good, but I would still like to see some stuff about culture, behaviour, maybe even architecture, etc. Ill add it to the race listings.
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