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[Lore][Race] Humans

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on: 19-12-2020
Excerpt from: "A History of Humanity In Aceon" by Sirnoe Purplefog, Chief Librarian of Thorn Academy.

Humanity is one of the youngest races on Aceon, and in the early years were somewhat discriminated against due to their short lifespans and industrious nature. That would later change as Orcs and Goblins appeared, and the myriad races would focus their animosity there. Humans originally gathered together in small tribal groups, and were often subjugated by larger more powerful, more magically inclined, Elven nations. Eventually the Elven nations would unite into a single entity, the Drutche Empire. Many different humans groups would eventually join together to oppose this new power, and became known as the Arcturum Provectum. With their rapidly advancing technology they proved to be a fearsome foe, but eventually powerful magics would win out, and the two groups would assimilate into one another, a coalition known as DEAP. A tragic accident occurred when a mixing of unstable technology and unproven magic wove together, creating a cataclysmic explosion that decimated the capital. This created the Ena'thi-Wastes, and ended the reign of elves.

From this point on it was the humans that would recover, and remain ascendant in Aceon for the next several thousand years. Every great power to rise in this time was headed by humanity. While other races were included in these nations and empires, humans always held the most power. One reason as to why this might be the case was due to magic slowly dissapearing and becoming more and more difficult to control, which gave the more technologically inclined and numerically superior humans an edge.

From there the Novarium Empire, located on far distant shores would, send an expedition that would create the first in a long line of new Empires on Aceon. There were many other human groups still living on the main continent however. There were the Skandar of the North, the Arget of the South, and the Nomas of the central deserts. Small city states were always popping up, Cradlerock, Stillwater, Viosk, Stonehelm, and more. When the Novarians eventually fell, one of the largest city states, Ermor, took power. It spread rapidly over the continent, conquering all in it's path, led by a series of extremely charismatic emperors and using one of the most well trained fighting forces known to Aceon. However, this line of men was eventually ended through betrayal and assassination.

The Ermorian Royal College of Occult Sciences left the massive city in a hurry, and managed to escape the worst of the chaos and killing that followed as this empire also fell into ruin. They brought with them not just magic users, but learned men and women of every field. These people eventually founded a new institution to keep knowledge and learning alive in the new dark age that followed, Thorn Academy. A hundred years have passed, and that place is where I sit and write this, right now. Still, tribes, city states, and new nations rise up and fight one another. We are protected by our learned ways, our technological superiority and magics, but I do not know how long this will last. Magic seems to be fading rapidly from the world, and when it finally leaves us, there will be nothing left to hold back the tide of darkness. When we fall, I believe that there will be no one left to remember the old ways.

- - -

Excerpt from: "Humans, Friend or Foe?" by High Elf Arch-Mage Tellic Lorenth.

Humans are an interesting race of creatures, standing at an approximate average of 5'7 or so, though it depends on climate, environment, and gender as well. I have seen some humans standing almost no taller than a Dwarf, or nearly as tall as a Wood Elf. Their coloration can vary in the extreme, also seemingly changed by environment. The humans of the North are pale, with blonde hair and blue eyes, much like my own people the High Elves. Yet, those found wandering in a bizarre nomadic fashion in the deserts have dark brown and tan skin, with black hair and dark eyes. It is fascinating to study and observe. These strange short lived creatures, appearing so very much of late, have many elven communities a bit worried. They are slowly but steadily expanding their territories closer to our own nations and cities which have stood for hundreds of years. What do we do with them?

Are they pests? Are they harmful or threatening? I say no to all of these things. I stand in opposition to many others who call for the extermination or subjugation of these interesting new peoples. I believe that we can co-exist in harmony, and that to conquer them would only bring about disaster. We do not know what these humans are capable of yet, and we cannot foresee the consequences of these rash actions that are being proposed. Sadly, I feel as though I am in the minority here. I hope that in the future tempers start to cool, and we can see humans as friends, and not foes.

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