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[Lore][Race] Grey Elves

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on: 20-12-2020
(Original credit goes to Fordwell for the original idea and writing.)

Found etched into a small stone tablet, located in some ruins on the edge of the Ena'thi-Wastelands:

Grey Elves are some of the most respected of the Elven people. Majestic yet stoic, they are known for their spiritual strength, mysterious rituals, and terrifying understanding of the soul. Some less enlightened folk call them Death Elves due to their habit of making home and living in and around places of loss and death.

A child born into Grey Elven society is trained at a young age in the rites of their people, the blessing of food, the lighting of the incense and much more. Even if they are not destined to serve as a priest in =one of their many temples they are taught to bring the unseen spirit into all things in their lives. Many tend to linger however in the academic worlds of dusty books and forgotten ruins. Grey Elven society does not worship any single god but rather tends to worship the aspects of the universe as a single greatness that they are uniquely attuned to. As such their society is much set up like the Dark Elves. The closer one is to the realm of the spirit the more they are listened to and respected as leaders.

Grey Elves, when living by themselves, tend to find homes in catacombs and sewers, building networks of chambers to serve their uses. The only accounting of a very large Grey Elven city was a massive settlement built along a sheer cliff. Their architecture is similar to High Elven works but much more conservative, usually putting form and purpose above decoration, but never ignoring it.

Grey Elves are commonly known to be the most Xenophobic of the Elven races, tending to stick to their own people and in a singular place for years without travel. The only time anyone ever really sees one of these Elves become aggressive is when they are faced with being uprooted from their homes, or their temples are threatened.

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