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[Lore][Race] Gray Orcs

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on: 12-03-2012
Journal of Phar Alkadizar,
Nomas Explorator and Merchantman

In all of my years spent exploring Aceon, I have never come across another sentient species quite as hostile as the Gray Orcs. Unlike their Green cousins, who can be found regularly in the cities and towns of Aceon that I frequently trade, Gray Orcs seem to have not taken well to the different societies of Aceon, and their civilizing of the wild places.

Gray Orcs can commonly be found hidden in the rocky areas of hills and mountains, keeping to themselves in their close knit tribes, which I will hazard a guess are more along the lines of extended family groups. Their skin colour is that of slate, which helps them to blend into the remote areas they call home, but often times depending on tribe and location they are in, their skin colour can change slightly.

Once when I braved the Ena'thi-Wastes looking for yet unlooted Provectum metals and Drutche artifacts I spotted a foraging party of Gray Orcs. By luck they hadn't yet seen me as I was hidden behind an outcropping of stone, and it was a miracle that I saw them at all. Their skin had turned a pale, pale gray, and their hair had changed to a bright white. I can only assume this is due to their snowy habitat. I didn't dare ask them, as I can only assume they were hunting...

But yes, another thing that distinguishes the Gray Orcs from their Green cousins is the fact that they have patches of course, shaggy hair, covering parts of their body. It is usually of a gray colour as well, but like I mentioned above, it seems to change with their habitat.

Gray Orcs are highly territorial, and extremely violent, only hesitating to attack if their foe is larger than they are, or if it another orc subspecies, such as a Green Orc. Though I have not seen the latter for myself, while I was travelling through the port city of Nehelaka, I stopped at an inn which just happened to be owned by a Green Orc. After I had ordered a drink he and I started to converse, and his stories were fascinating! But those are for another time.

What he did tell me about were his own travels before he retired, and his run in with a small tribe of Gray Orcs. He told me that he and his band of adventurers had pretty much stumbled upon a Grey Orc tribe without warning, and that he had managed to escape with his life, the Gray Orcs had not attacked him. Whether this is due to some respect for other Orcs, I don't know. They may have been just as surprised as he was, and could have attacked had they been expecting him. We may never know for sure. What I do know though, is to try and avoid them at all costs!
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