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[Lore][Race] Hob Goblins

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on: 29-03-2012
Whilst excavating the remains of Thorn Academy a small letter was found, written but undelivered:

~~Excerpt taken from the scroll 'A Treatise on Goblin Kind and Their Respective Sub-Races.' written by Professor Alcinous Phemus head of biological and racial research at the Provectum College of Greater Knowledge~~

The Hob Goblin is a larger, more pinkish hued version of the common Goblin. It is an anomalous speck on a very much easy to read race list. I have been unable to identify what causes their lust for experiencing both sorrow and mirth at the same time. But of course this results in constant practical jokes. Almost bred into Hob Goblins is Hemophobia or a fear of blood, possibly due to the repulsive purple shade of blood they have. Hob Goblins are often found infesting the underworlds of cities, seemingly more prone to criminal activity than regular Goblins.

~~Extract from 'The History Of Inferior Races' author unknown~~

The shanty towns and squalid camps of the Hob Goblins once littered the middle valleys of Aceon. The centre of our great world was a corrupt heart of thievery, slavery and murder. Four clans ruled over these settlements, each greedier than the last. It was Clan Brazgul who started the schism; in one night half their forces were sent to kill the sons of clan Vangrod. Outright war began, it lasted for nearly twenty years. All four clans were lost to the blood and violence and the remaining Hob Goblins were left with a fear of blood that would last generations. The shanty town of Kraakos only grew with refugees. It was on the verge of becoming the first Hob Goblin capital when the Argetvallorn horde descended upon them. The population was decimated in a matter of hours. The mayor of Kraakos, Xarg The Quick-Fingered, attempted to bribe the Argetvallorn Chieftain and was killed by having his limbs dipped in honey and staked out near several large ant nests. The traditionally territorial Hob Goblins thus dispersed in all directions. Accounts of other histories say some have been arrested in Skanda, others executed in Novarium, but many fled to large cities with thriving criminal activity.

Terrence Halfern
Assistant Head Librarian of Thorn Academy
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Reply #1 on: 01-04-2012
CP, like with Iron Goblins, can you put how these guys act and behave? I know you put it into the application for them, but that gets moved out of the thread, so we need the information here.
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