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Updated to reflect @ and added King Arthur ( Who is HGN member 135 by the way )
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Staff Management / Re: HGN Positions and Application
« Last post by Devinci on 10-02-2022 »
Real Name: Dev
Age: 24
Gamer Alias: devinci
Position Applying For: Admin
Servers You Play On? HGN Stalker Roleplay
Past Experience: 11+ Years of RP.
Why Should We Pick You?:
I've been around the block a few times.
Dedicated and long time player, and personable member of the community, committed to creating stories, roleplay, and becoming apart of the team if applicable and I fit in.
Video Games / New half life 2 UI update
« Last post by Silver Knight on 31-01-2022 »

Half Life 2, released in November 16, 2004 was a ground breaking game in the gaming world, however as with time, things age, Valve recently has shown that Half-Life 2, along with Half-Life: Source and couple other Half-Life games are getting a new user interface! This is somewhat similar to what they achieved with counter strike global offensive already. However, it is not currently confirmed if the new UI will only display if you are using Steam Deck or if it will also display when using mouse/keyboard.

Here you can see the Comparison between the old 2004 version and new 2022 Half-Life 2 main menus user interface.

This is yet to be released to the stable branch, however you can access it by switching Half-Life 2 to the beta branch and setting the launch option to “-gamepadui”. Enjoy!

You can access the new UI by switching Half-Life 2 to the beta branch and setting the launch option to “-gamepadui”

Update 24/01/2022

    Added Artifact quality, each artifact has a random quality type, with the better quality being rarer.
    Artifacts have varying weights
    Artifacts is now an attribute, the more you work and inspect artefacts, the more proficient you will become.

New Blind Dog Nextbot i've been working on:


Sits down occasionally
Howls occasionally
Will sniff ground or air occasionally

If hurt, will start limping and show these hurt animations
If it senses you from a distance and it has no friends nearby it will growl at you rather than chase you as a warning, if you get closer, it will attack you
If close to death and lack of friends, it will run away from you
Will take extra damage if hit in the head or torso and will show animation representing that it was hit
T -  Access to Basic Trading.")
l -  Access to Tier 1 Items.")
s -  Access to Tier 1 Gear.")
L -  Access to Tier 2 Items.")
R -  Access to Tier 2 Gear.")
K -  Access to Tier 3 Items.")
Z -  Access to Tier 3 Gear and attachments.")
E -  Access to Tier 4 Items/Gear.")
A -  Access to Ecologist Trading.")
W -  Access to Military Trading.")
q -  Access to Duty Trading.")
Q -  Access to Freedom Trading.")
w -  Access to Monolith Trading.")
N -  Access to extra nationalities.")
F -  Access to create female characters.")
P -  Access to Pac3.")
Update 24/01/2022

    Added ability to toggle crosshair on/off
    Radioactive water now gives radiation instead of hurting the player
    If you have a dosmeter ( gieger counter ) then it will play sounds when in radiation
Current features

        Wounds system, bleeding, leg fractures, etc.
        Revive downed players if not critical death event
        Food and Hunger System
        Character Temperature System
    CW base
    Weapon durability
    Weapon attachments
    Equipable suits
    Suit durability
    Suit Attachments
        Radiation areas
        Poison gas areas
            S.T.A.L.K.E.R Based Anomalies
                Burnt Fuzz
    Food Stuff
        Edible Food, effects happen overtime rather than instantly
    Drink Stuff
        Consumable Drink, effects happen overtime rather than instantly
        Drink Alcohol to reduce Radiation, but regular consumption will lead to addiction

Custom character information on creation. Eg backstory etc.
Automatic, Dynamic spawning anomalies.
Automatic, Dynamic spawning Artifacts.
Automatic, Dynamic spawning items
Automatic, Dynamic spawning stashes
Automatic, Dynamic spawning destructible entities
Automatic, Dynamic Events

Flashlights with batteries.
Loot spawning, different gear based on location+ rarity.
Weapon & armour durability.
Artefact detectors.
Multi server portals.
First person weapon attachments, changes weapon handling and looks good.
Enhanced ESP that can show anomalies.
Stalker reputation implementation.

Current Server Count: 1
    Server 1: Cordon -

Updated: Feb 10th

Credit: Steven, military guy: King Arthur

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