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Global Rules & Regulations / HGN Common Rules
« Last post by Blake.H on 02-08-2018 »
The rules set here apply to everyone whilst on the forums and in game servers.

All of this is Work in Progress, please comment if you feel a rule is wrong or you have one to add.

Rule Number
Rule Description
                           ---                           ---                            ---                           
Be Respectful
Respect each member as you would wish yourself be respected, be nice and others will be nice back.
                           ---                           ---                            ---                           
No Hacking
Any type of Hack, in any form, is against HGNs values. Anyone found using them will be permanently banned without the option to appeal.
                           ---                           ---                            ---                           
No Flaming/Baiting/Trolling
Purposely trying to invoke reactions out of members. You know who you are.
                           ---                           ---                            ---                           
No Racism/Sexism/Homophobia
Ties in with Respect, jokes are fine just have some form of filtering; ie. don't go too far. If you're making a 'joke' about a member, its not a joke - that's an insult.
                           ---                           ---                            ---                           
No Shitposting/Spamming
Spam and Shitposts will be removed. Your forum account can be restricted to "Moderated Post" meaning each of your post needs verification by a mod before posting.
                           ---                           ---                            ---                           
No 'Metagame'
A player is metagaming when they use knowledge that is not available to their character in order to gain advantage, such as knowledge gained Out-of-Character, or the statistics of a Creature/Stranger that the player is familiar with but the character has never encountered. The player may be aware of the set location of specific equipment or secret door, which their character is not aware of. It can also include plot information, such as saying the name of a stranger before it has is revealed.
                           ---                           ---                            ---                           
No Asking for admin
All admins are picked by Community & Server Managers.
                           ---                           ---                            ---                           
Thread Revival
If a thread is over 6 months old, irreverent or you don't have a good reason to post there, just leave it alone.
                           ---                           ---                            ---                           
Shout Box
Where applicable all rules in this list apply, spammers will be shot on sight. You can have your shoutbox removed if you do not comply.
                           ---                           ---                            ---                           
The Gay Vampire Castle
This is the only place your Trolling/Spamming is tolerated (within reason), put all your dank meme's there along with your rebbecca black album.
                           ---                           ---                            ---                           
Public ERP is forbidden on our game servers.
                           ---                           ---                            ---                           
No Powergaming
A player can be described as a powergamer if he or she presumes or declares that his or her own action against another player character is successful without giving the other player character the freedom to act on his or her own prerogative. They may also be a player who tries to force others to participate in unwanted role-playing.
                           ---                           ---                            ---                           

Yes i know theres no numbers, i'll add them when its organised.

HGN Play! / GTA V - HGN play!
« Last post by Blake.H on 02-08-2018 »
As of this post the following person is assigned:

Star Wars Manager
@Darth Nappa

Report a Member of Staff / Complaint on Cross
« Last post by Blake.H on 17-07-2018 »
Your complaint has been investigated and reviewed.

Im sorry that you feel lied to but after getting more info i think that is something over nothing, i understand you were angry and you have every right to be but I feel like you should have maybe gone to VonXeno as Head Admin before making an official complaint over something like this.

If you need any clarification on this please feel free to contact me.

Report a Member of Staff / Complaint on Cross
« Last post by Cross on 11-07-2018 »
Alright, lemme clear things up here a bit...
While I'm not completely sure if the others said yes to it, I'm fairly certain JoJo at least did, but even then it was more likely he was just okay with it himself and was going to relay the information to us, as he's just a trial moderator. I don't feel that I lied about anything, since I personally never made any promises.
The reason that all of the previous story arcs were finished at Safehaven (the previous map) was due to the fact that nothing was going on there, since there was hardly a main storyline, as well as the fact that there were fewer characters. That's different here, obviously.
(Also the key word is 'finish'. To my knowledge, Aaron's story arc has yet to even start)

The primary reasons I said no is because, again, there is little time left in the map. While it may be possible to squeeze in an extra small event or two, the description I heard of this wasn't what I would call small. (To be fair, it wasn't huge either, just not small).

Also, in the event that JoJo did say yes entirely, it's easy to forget that he is a trial moderator, not a full one, therefore it was right for him to check with us for confirmation.

I would also like to take a moment to point out that I never did fully say no. I said that if it was modified (Ie made smaller), or postponed to the next map, it would be rather likely to happen.

And one final note, from the conversation following my comment on how not everything in life has to happen when one is young...It was retorted with "this isn't a realistic game". Well, that is exactly right, because this isn't even a game at all. It's a story.

I hope this cleared things up for people reading this without context. If not, message me on Steam or something and I'll try to give more details. (If that does happen, kindly don't involve the others mentioned in this. As this is a complaint against me, I would like to deal with it myself without troubling them).

Oh, and one more note I forgot...even if JoJo was a regular moderator and approved it completely and fully, higher ranking moderators still have the power to overrule decisions, even if it doesn't happen terribly often.

(Also, Nova, please don't respond to this again. I'd really rather not start a big thing with this)
Report a Member of Staff / Complaint on Cross
« Last post by Master Nova X on 10-07-2018 »
Being Lied to about In game events.
Form name(s) Cross

Okay so to start let me explain what happened. To start, I wanted to have an Event or mini arc thing for a character. I was told by two mods that I could. Ches, and JoJo. So when I mention it to Cross he says I can't. I ask why and he says that it would be to long. So I told him that it was a short 1 session thing. BUT NO. He says we still don't have time cause people are gonna be away. So I say: What about after summer and he says no because he wanted to hit a deadline for its end. I'm confused because on the older map they promised they would finish all events/arcs. So why not now? I told him that wouldn't work because the character in question: Aaron the Wandering Phoenix, was supposed to to this when he was young and adventuring. He responds with a stupid excuse saying "Realistically the good things in life don't happen at the prime." Okay so we were talking about Up? Then he's like "What d you think Ches?" So me being stupid, thinking she would keep true to what she told me, she...... agrees.. So now I get to feel lied too aswell? Seeing as I was told by a mod (I forgot which one but I think it was VonXeno when me him and JoJo where messing around OOC) that I could do an arc/event with the approval of just ONE mod. But because someone else says no I now can't? Well isn't that just stupid. I may sound madder then I should but keep in mind one fact: I have "Anger Problems."  The stuff on this can be confirmed mostly by JoJo. Mostly. Edit: I may be hated on the server but I don't care. If anyone brings this up on server to me I will completely ignore them.
Network Notifications / HyperGaming Network Discord
« Last post by nKe on 17-06-2018 »
Imagine unironically using discord
Network Notifications / HyperGaming Network Discord
« Last post by Silver Knight on 17-06-2018 »

HyperGaming Network Discord Server

 Join our discord here:


Discord hosted HGN server.
In The News / S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 Announced
« Last post by Silver Knight on 21-05-2018 »
So it begins again.

Stalker 2 roleplay, coming soon.

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