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The Library of Congress and US Copyright Office outlined the new set of exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) in a "final rule" document (PDF) spanning 85 pages. In it are several new protections that legally allow consumers and repair shops to hack the firmware on devices like smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, mobile computing devices, and several other gadgets where technological protection measures (TPMs, but not the same as a Trusted Platform Module) stand between the consumer and a functioning product.

even covers "computer programs, where the circumvention is undertaken on a lawfully acquired device or machine on which the computer program operates, or is undertaken on a computer, computer system, or computer network on which the computer program operates with the authorization of the owner or operator of such computer, computer system, or computer network, solely for the purpose of good-faith security research and does not violate any applicable law, including without limitation the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986."

There's also a section on videogames that covers instances "when the copyright owner or its authorized representative has ceased to provide access to an external computer server necessary to facilitate an authentication process to enable gameplay."

In such instances, a new exemption allows for "copying and modification of the computer program to restore access to the game for personal, local gameplay on a personal computer or video game console."
Regrettably, as of this post VonXeno is relived from the Terraria Manager, per his request.

Thank you for your time as Terraria Manager, you have seen terraria continue steady away even after everything else has gone. You are always welcome back as a staff member and your service to HGN is admirable.

Thank you buddy,
Solar panels unveiled at Chernobyl nuclear power site

Ukraine launches its first solar plant in the abandoned area around the former nuclear power station.

A new solar power plant has been built at the site of the former Chernobyl nuclear power station, The Chernobyl plant was the site of a catastrophic nuclear disaster in 1986, Radioactive material was released into the atmosphere across parts of Europe, leading to a rise in cases of thyroid cancer

The area around the plant is now part of an exclusion zone spanning 1,000 square miles (2,600 sq km), The Chernobyl plant was decommissioned and forced to close in 2000, Ukraine has now launched its first solar plant in the abandoned area around the former power station.

The country's government wants renewable energy companies to develop the abandoned land, The site will create enough energy to power around 2,000 households, However people will not be able to return to live in the evacuated zone for another 24,000 years, Ukrainian authorities say
james, are you there???

this is urgent

The Gay Vampire Castle / Re: Hotpocket
« Last post by liamrew on 26-09-2018 »
A big oof on that one
General Discussion / Re: A Sincere Thank You to HGN
« Last post by Blake.H on 23-09-2018 »
General Discussion / A Sincere Thank You to HGN
« Last post by 2power on 22-09-2018 »
Thank you HGN for being the accepting community that I had spent a considerable amount of my younger life with.
 If HGN had not existed back in the day, I probably would not have the writing skills I possess today which have carried me through high school, undergraduate education and now presently through law school.
From my younger age of 10/11 I had joined this community and was allowed to shit up the place with my poor grammar, autistic humor and mindless pursuit of scripts (to be honest, I still crave for scripts, but I digress). It was with HGN where I started to play serious Garrys Mod RP and also where I started to build upon my then underdeveloped literary skills.  If it weren't for HGN, I most likely would not have gained anything from spending the ungodly amounts of hours playing Gmod that I had. For these aforementioned reasons, my gratitude is immeasurable, if not given out of mere speculation of the question of "what if I hadn't started to serious RP in Garrys Mod?" The likely answer to that question is: I'd probably be some shithead still playing Garrys Mod in 2018.
Thanks for the memories guys,

The Gay Vampire Castle / Re: Hotpocket
« Last post by 2power on 22-09-2018 »

Hotpocket never fell from grace, he was always a degenerate to begin with.
The Gay Vampire Castle / Re: Hotpocket
« Last post by Blake.H on 22-09-2018 »
Maybe its because he was banned from HGN?
The Gay Vampire Castle / Re: Hotpocket
« Last post by Rarr on 22-09-2018 »

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