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Ranks and Roster

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on: 24-04-2010

 The Commanding officer of Ghost Division

The Second in Command

Quarter Master
In charge of The Amory and Supplies.

Phantoms and Ghosts.
Elite of the Elite, have earned the right to be the right hand of both the Commander and Commissar. Have the same power as a Sergeant with the added bonus of only having to answer to the Commander and Commissar. have rights to any weapon in the armory.

Squad Leaders have command over the lower ranking members. Have the right to form squads consisting of members of their choosing. Have the rights to the MP-5, LR-300, and the L-85 from the armory. The L85 must be bought from the Quarter Master, the LR-300 is given if we have them in stock.

The back bone of Ghost Division. Have the right to be armed with the MP-5, LR-300 from the armory. Are to pick a Rookie or be assigned one to watch over and mentor till they deem the time is right for the Rookie to become a Vanguard and take a Rookie of his or her own.

New Recruits that have not show their skill in battle. Under the command of a Vanguard until the mentor deems them worthy to be a Vanguard. Have the Right to the MP-5 from the Armory

Some one that works with or dose work for Ghost Division yet is not a member. Is not part of the group and there for is not allowed to use anything from the armory unless paid for.


Drake "Phantom" Malanove (Madran Lamont/ The Pownisher)
 Araym Aldrean (Removed do to leaving HGN)

Commander Commissar.
Andrei Mirkov (IronDeity)

Quarter Master
Bruno (KeyFoot) removed do to inactivity

Phantoms and Ghosts.

Warsaw (Mango) removed do to inactivity and leaving HGN


Zenon Karvec (MIDGETONIC)
Ilari Radimir ( |HGN-STSO| Picto Wolf) removed do to inactivity and leaving HGN

Dimitri Roman (killamaster114) removed do to inactivity
Vladamir (Amontillado) removed do to inactivity
Dimah Harkov (Baracuda) removed do to inactivity

Madran Lamont
Victor Malanove

Order in which a squad should be organized.

Phantom and Ghost Squads
2-5 Phantoms or Ghosts

Assault Squads
1-2 Sergeants
2-5 Vanguard
Armed with Close Range Weapons
Without Vanguard's Rookies

Sniper Squads
2 Sergeants
1 Sergeant
1 Vanguard
2 Vanguards
Armed with Long rang sniper rifles and side arms
Without Vanguard's Rookies

Combat Squads
1-2 Sergeants
2-5 Vanguard
Armed with their pick of weapons
Without Vanguard's Rookies

Mercenary Squads
1-2 Sergeants
2-5 Vanguard
Accompanied by the Vanguard's Rookies
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Reply #1 on: 27-05-2012
Under Process of Update (UPU)

Unaffiliated: Mikhal 'Sabre' Tokerov -:- Alive
Ex-Military/Spetsnaz: Andrei 'War' Mirkov -:- Alive
Military Observer: Victor Tokerov -:- Alive
Unaffiliated: 'Siege' -:- Deceased
Leoyid 'Rat Tail' Olinsky -:- Alive
The Tar Man -:- No Data


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