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*It is suggested you at least listen to the song to get a feel for what is going on.*
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Call of Pripyat OST - Intro

. . . . Lachance looks up, at the blazing night sky. The typical of the zone. Soldiers partaking in daily night practice, the usual of the Vanguards, Spetsnaz, and Ukraine Army brethren.

Yurdansky walks up to Lachance, observing him as he sits on the small podium next to the Checkpoint bunker, asking, "Hey Khaletskiy, what's up? Watcha' up too?"

"Nothing, just checking out some constellations.", Lachance replied calmly, working a TXT document on his Windows Vista PDA. The text document is the typical military form on his hard-drive...But this one, was different, so much more different...

* * *
1620 hours, October 25, 2012, (Military Calendar)/ Chernobyl Western Checkpoint #1, Cordon. Chernobyl, Zone of Exclusion

"It's time...", Lachance jumped from his bunk. Proceeding to his private quarters, grabbing his PDA. He jumbles through his desk of scattered, loose items, before grabbing it haste fully.

He taps the Checkpoint megaphone button; a red, large button, labeled "ON-OFF", and taps it lightly.

"I want all soldiers on deck to report to the briefing room, now. -ON THE DOUBLE-", he barked over the megaphone system, causing the soldiers to dash from their current occupations.

"Lachance, what is the fucking meaning of this...", Mertz ordered directly in his face.

"Ma'am, with all due respect, I suggest you sit down and listen. What's about to happen in the coming weeks may just change the Zone itself, altering our reality and views of it.", Lachance replied calmly, stiff as a statue.

"Very well then...", she sat on the bench with the fifty-three other soldiers. The usual were there. Mertz, Lachance, Yurdansky, Johnson, Kharkov, Verdennes, Turchin, Rouiee, and 44 others sat along the rows of benches.

The Army soldiers sat, eyes focused on the projection screen with a properly positioned projector. It was an old model, but sufficed none the less, especially for such a simple task. Luckily it had a USB converter connected to it; Lachance's PDA equipped to the cable.

Lachance pressed the power button on the top of his PDA, and proceeded to use his fingers to navigate toward the drop-down box labeled 'C:\Objectives\Operation North commence.PRO'. The PDA made no noise, screen turning to pitch black, making no movements or signaling if it even possessed power.

The projector turned black, loading up a small file.

As the file loaded it showed an image. Lachance was sitting at a desk, with none other than the infamous, unknown "Alexander Degtyaryov". They both sat at a small, antique desk, littered with numerous air-mappings papers, photographs of Monolithic citizens towards the North, weaponry of unknown origin, Ecologist bodies wearing advanced SEVA and PZD-9 armor, photographs, and many numerous other papers and black-and-white photos.

Degtyaryov stood, facing the camera that stood on the small  pedestal that faced in front of the two. He crossed his arms, and begun to speak. A video played, showing images of the North, and the old Army Warehouses as he spoke.  

"The Night of April Twenty-Sixth, Nineteen-Eighty-Six, the fourth reactor of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was put on emergency status, and was destroyed from a thermal explosion. Taken up by the wind, radioactive dust fell partly on the territory of the USSR, leaving pockets of radiation in Europe, and reached the shores of the East-Coast of America. The 'Zone of Exclusion' was devastated by radiation, killing most of the plant, and wildlife."

"Consequences of the accident were so severe, that the government of the Soviet Union was forced to undertake evacuation of nearby settlements. This is not to say that some were left behind..."

"Infested area of within thirty kilometers from the station turned the area into a strictly protected zone of complete alienation. And you, stalkers, is where you now stand. You stand in this area, the Zone of exclusion, doing it is what you do."

He picks up many photos of hideous, monstrous experiments, both of them eyeing them wearily.

"After the erection of the reinforced sarcophagus over the destroyed Chernobyl nuclear power plant was completed, the power plant resumed operation, the power unit also brought back online, in mild condition. The availability of a powerful source of energy and lack of people allowed scientist's, and ecologist's alike to create a closed campus of secret laboratories."

The images on the projector change, their eyes widened, including Mertz's and Yurdansky's. Lachance stood in the back, his head down; hood over his eyes. Much shame was lurking within his mind...

"June-Tenth, Two-thousand and five. The area of the zone of exclusion suddenly erupted with unbearable lights of immense brightness. For a few moments of complete silence, the clouds in the sky could be seen beginning to evaporate. A terrible roar echoed through the Zone, the Earth shuddering with it. Most of the soldiers guarding the perimeter were killed instantly by it."

The images change once again, one of the soldiers leaving the room.

"Two thousand en' seven. Scientists can still give no clear explanation of what happened. Expeditions invariably ended in tragedy and sorrow, and the rare survivors live to tell of amazing animal-like mutants with amazing properties and abilities."

The images change, showing crystal clear pictures of artifacts, and groups of stalkers; dead of course.

"Two-Thousand and nine. The Zone of Exclusion, according to various estimates, there are one, to three-hundred people unaccounted for. These people call themselves "Stalkers", and are dead-set and concentrated on gathering the resources known as so-called "Artifacts"- anomalous formations, which are exploited and subjected to gain solid money."

The images change once again, showing a map of a massive air-raid plan to the North, near Pripyat. This is the old plan, of course.

"Twenty-Ten through Twenty-Eleven. Although located at the perimeter of the Cordon, stalkers begin growing in magnitude, but have only begun to investigate the outskirts of the Zone: attempts to penetrate the north and the center have been one-hundred percent failures, with no returns."

The images change, showing a picture of Strelok, Fang, Ghost, Doctor, and Guide- all grouped together for a group-shot.

"Twenty-Twelve. The stalker known as Strelok, solved the riddle of the so-called "Brain-Scorcher", confirmed by military personnel. A powerful transmitter, capable of destroying the human mind itself, and with the ability to turn it on and off. The stalkers rushed en' masse' to the center of the Zone, some looking for the legendary artifacts, others- no less more than the legendary wishgranter, and the chance to kill the almighty Strelok."

"How Strelok managed to accomplish such a feat, even with support from the Ecologists, is unknown. Some say Strelok was programmed by the Monolith, some say he just had a special gift. But we will never know, for he is gone. And to top it off, hundreds of Military personnel were killed as they tried to defend the nuclear power plant from the foolish inhabitants of the Zone, but failed miserably. A big surprise? No, of course not."

The military begun to grumble, causing a commotion; quickly silenced by the powerful Mertz.

The images on the screen change at the press of Lachance, and show an image of the KGB and USSR authority discussing the events within a small briefing room.

"In the changed circumstances, the Council of National Security, and Defense Council of Ukraine adopted a decision on the immediate conduction of special operations"Fairway". Focusing on pre-, air-mapping of the anomalous fields, the Military begun to dispatch helicopters to the North. Dozens of military helicopters with special, advanced troops on board headed for the North. Despite careful preperation, the operation ended in shameful failure: none of the assigned machines returned from the raid, a typical way of ending a mission for the Ukraine Military."

The clip returns to normal, Lachance and Degtyaryov both facing the small, junky camera.

"And this, brothers, is where you come in. What Khaletskiy and I have designated as Operation North, will be conducted with the coming months. There will be many steps, but I assure you, we will not fail this time. We can't... We must take the north back, and that is an order."

Lachance begins to speak on the cameras recording, "Now, as you can see here- here- and here, we will use these advantage points to infiltrate the North, and uncover further data. All we need now is to figure out how many Monolithian's there are, and further investigate the anomalous fields. Once finished, we will plan further."

The clip ends, the military units confused.
* * *
"To determine the reasons for the failure of Operation Fairway, USS agent, Khaletskiy Lachance, and SBU officer, Major Alexander Degtyaryov- in the past, both experienced stalkers; and one a trader, are deployed to Chernobyl."

"With a supply of connections, physical supplies, and numerous other things, they begin their missions, bent on finishing what was started long ago. One a long-time trader, an ex-leader of the Traders Union of the Zone, and the other a veteran stalker with years of experience, are confident the team of the Ukraine Army and they will finish the job."

* * *

"Dismissed!", Lachance barked through the room.

"You were....USS?", private Jogudy asked, confused.

Lachance nods, signaling the man to leave. "I said you were dismissed, now go.", he deeply remarked.

Walking out, his trench-coat flailing as he walked, and beret recently capped, he begins to investigate the area, looking for more...oblivious clues.

* * *

sad song about :CHERNOBYl (04/26/08)

"The truly is a terrible thing, is it not, Lachance?", Degtyaryov said to him, as he stared out the window of the Cordon, the sun setting.

"It very much is, sir. It may have brought benefit to the world...but-, I still support none of it, and I don't think too many of the ecologist's and soldiers do, either.", Lachance replied, biting his lower lip.

"There is a reason for this operation, Lachance, you know that. We all know it."

"I understand, sir... We all do. But with all due respect, sir, destroying the Zone would be fatal.", Lachance replied, sitting in the seat, facing the behind of Degtyaryov.

"I -KNOW--....I know that, Lachance, you do not need to remind me, I assure you. But this operation will benefit us all, including the stalkers..."

"Hundreds of thousand have died, Lachance, and we cannot allow that to continue. It is our duty to stop the Zone, and make sure it does not reach the outside world.... It's too bad we have to hide this stuff, you know? How the world believes only that a mere few hundred people have died. Truly is sad, really."

"Is that all, sir?"

"Yes, now go.", Degtyaryov replied swiftly.

Khaletskiy nods, spinning on his heel, 180 degrees, proceeding to walk out of the room. Degtyaryov just sat there, watching the wonderful sunset of the Zone.

* * *
"Yes...we've known all about it. Everything. The big kahuna...", Lachance quietly grumbles to the man, sipping his water.

"Why?.....", the man replies.

"Because it was our duty. This is what we do, you fool. It's our -JOB-. We-...we-...we have to cover this stuff up. -I- had too... They kill us if we betray them. That's how it works."

"Why did you join?", the man asks depressingly.

"Because it felt like my calling in life. To protect and serve. You don't get it, do you? We cover this up to protect the world, not to brainwash people, you idiot."

"I think I...understand, but I doubt I ever fully will."

"Just-Just go....please.", Lachance says quietly, pointing towards the door.

"So be it...", the man walks off from the checkpoint, disregarding any further conversation with Lachance.

THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS, AND IS NOT DONE YET. This will be forum RP, and will require the ut-most seriousness and knowledge to RP. Not done yet, so hang tight.


Doomburger- Yurdansky
Wazer Wifle- Krystal Mertz
Sir Spawns a lot-  Alexei Trevisky
Bagelz- Khaletskiy Lachance- MIA
The Jackal- Yuri Kharkov
Snurf Snurf-  Alexei Trevisky
Yuri Kharkov- The Jackal
Kirill Ivanov- Paintcheck
Yuri Chornovyl- ISPYUDIE
Kathy Creed- Poxkillerd
commanthe2-Travis Johson
MangoMan-Levi Martin

Anyone else, PLEASE POST.


This will be an extremely large FORUM RP event. Anyone can take part. THis is a part of the story where everyone, including bandits, stalkers, mercenaries, and dutiers can take part.

Since we need to keep this fair, ALL Factions may take a part, including freedom. THis is a part of the story where team-work is of the essence, and we cannot block factions out of the fun simply because they are a faction the Ukraine Army does not like.

IF you want to take part, then POST HERE, IC/OOC name. Faction, occupation, all that. No stories needed. We will plan further how this will go down.

Admins, you need to understand something. While it may defy canon that Freedom may be working with the Military, how do we know GSC did not ever intend on this happening? Not to mention, we cannot block a faction access simply because we don't like them, that's ridiculous, and you're splitting hairs at that point.


Yuri Kharkov Ukranian Military Sergeant.



"Yes...we've known all about it. Everything. The big kahuna...", Lachance quietly grumbles to the man, sipping his water.

"Why?.....", the man replies.

"Because it was our duty. This is what we do, you fool. It's our -JOB-. We-...we-...we have to cover this stuff up. -I- had too... They kill us if we betray them. That's how it works."

"Why did you join?", the man asks depressingly.

"Because it felt like my calling in life. To protect and serve. You don't get it, do you? We cover this up to protect the world, not to brainwash people, you idiot."

"I think I...understand, but I doubt I ever fully will."

"Just-Just go....please.", Lachance says quietly, pointing towards the door.

"So be it...", the man walks off from the checkpoint, disregarding any further conversation with Lachance.


Hey Bagelz. To be honest. I Dont really know. You better talk to me latorz.
Text Cyric the Archmage.



Twenty, refurbished MI-25 HIND Ukraine Military Service Helicopters.

15-20 real players who wish to partake in this RP.

Anyone who wants to partake in this RP.



Sergeant Yuri Kharkov... a man of honor, if you would, he wold fight for any of his unit, even if he didnt like them.
Hes sat there, elbows on his knees, just waiting, for once the man is clean shaven.
His Combat Bergen at the ready along with his webbing, all in perfect military condition...
His rifle... a standard issue AN94, his is pristine. His own custom pieces on it. Some tape around the pistol grip, and an extra mag tapped to the side of his loaded magazine... The sort of thing you would expect from an ex russian spetsnaz soldier.
Making preperations for the coming operation, his Privates and his Corporals would need him.
Hes seen alot.

He says to himself "Im ready"


I want to get in on this

Name: Kirill Ivanov
Faction: Freedom/Military Deserter
Occupation: Mechanic/Armorer


Name (IC) Yuri Chornovyl
Faction- Military


I got raped by Reavers', so here is a story!

999$-Hors-, O91Xb 2012, (Military Calendar), CLOCK SYSTEM CORRUPTED- NEEDS REBOOT- AREA UNKOWN: KIA?

"The last transmission from Lachances' drop-ship was from this area, and that was well over twelve hours ago. We've received no word from his unit since then, and we're getting worried. KIA or MIA is plausible, and I suggest you send out a chopper to pick him up.", The pilot of the MI-24 HIND calmly replied over his all-way radio, constantly flying around the Zaton area, back and forth.

"Roger that, continue your patrols. Squads One and Two, continue your search around Jupiter. Squads Three and Four, continue your search around the checkpoint.", the radio-operator replied to the Pilot, from the Cordon Checkpoint.

* * *

Where was he... Could it be, that his fate turned into the same, tragic fate Kuznetsov suffered just weeks before?

He could feel the creature within his mind, manipulating his thoughts as he looked around. But it was not the same of the infection that was fought off from the area west of the Dark Valley, oh no... This was much, much worse. This was Khaletskiys' worst nightmare.

He looked around, his vision blurred and green. He could feel a disgusting, sour-milk flavored mucus constantly pour out of his mouth, dripping all over his suit. His left eye was shut, partially wounded, and black-and-blued. He continued to look around, spotting his worst fears...

He spotted the fallen helicopter just fourty feet away from his position; in flames, and spewing putrid fumes blazing everywhere, causing him to choke and gasp for air. His cough became very rough, causing him to grunt in pain at the same time.

"So, you little douchebag, think you could fly around my territory, ey'?", the creature screamed into his mind, causing him to shudder and shout in agony and pain.

"You're going to be my little tool, oh yes... Yes, my little tool. How does that sound, you douchebag? Hope you like it, because you and I are going to be together for a long...long time!"

He silenced the voice for a few minutes, thinking to himself.

Where was he? What was happening to him, and what happened to his helicopter? What happened to his squad-mates? What happened to his friends on board? The questions constantly played through his mind, causing him to blink and stare into the sea of smoke pouring from the downed helicopter.

It consistently played through his head, hundreds of voices barking it within his head. He could feel it was the same for Kuznetsov...

"Lachance, Khaletskiy, NONE. Service Number 98009-89001-KL"

"Lachance, Khaletskiy, NONE. Service Number 98009-89001-KL", it played again, this time more clear. It played over, and over, and over in his mind, causing him to think to himself.

"It's over...", he said to himself. It came out as gibberish, nothing. He shuddered, curling up into the fetal position, tucking his arms, rocking back and forth.

* * *
Two hours earlier...

"When you find Lachance's squad, radio in, and I'll come pick you up. Make sure you double-check your gear, and valuate the conditions of this area. This is Lachance's last known location.", the Pilot yelled over his boom-mic, echoing through the drenchy area of Zaton, nasty swamp gases filled the Sergeant's nostrils, causing him to gag.

The Sergeant jumped from the MI-25 HIND, his boots stomping the nasty muck of the swamp, splashing all over his suit.

"God damnit...", he murmured to himself, gritting his teeth.

Two hours later....

The Sergeant walked past a downed helicopter, only pouring smoke; no flames. A message put on relay played over and over, set to repeat on infinite mode.

Goliev in a destress call, words jumbled: "Drop ship Crimson Ten (static) Cordon Checkpoint One (static)
need immediate assistance.  We are under (static) attack by some new kind of(static)
hostile mind (static) it isn't the infection form we fought weeks ago.  Lachance has been captured by th
(static) We're dug in at a large pit in the swamp area west of Zaton (static) longer we
can hold out.  Please (static) I will set this message to repeat at(static) at
intervals.  Drop ship Crimson 10, clear."

The Sergeant spots a man sitting next to the helicopter, a Fort-12 in his hand.

A pour soul, brainwashed by the creatures of Zaton, mind lost:
"Stay back!  Get the fuck away!  You're not turnin' me into one of those fucking things!
I'll blow your brains out right here, get away from me!  (Screaming uncontrollably to himself, mumbling) Don't
touch me you fucking piece of shit!  I won't become one of you, I'll kill myself first!  Find your own fuckin'
hiding place!  The things are all around me, playing tricks on my mind!  Play dead, that's what I did, play
dead.  They took the live ones from us....  Oh god; I can still hear them! Fucking....-THINGS!
(Screaming insanely) Just get away from me!  Lachance, Dolya, Bolien-- oh god the
things took them! They're gone- get it- GONE!  They won't get me!  Oh god, oh god!  I don't wanna be like them.  Please (begins to cry like an infant) please no, please no."

The sergeant avoided the man in shock, curled up like a child he was. His eyes rolled into the back of his head, the man shivering...

The sergeant walks toward a black-box within the choppers cock-pit area, under the seat, and ejects a small radio-recording from the box. It plays automatically upon ejection, equipped with the latest technology in record and play-back to manage such a feat.

There are sounds of gunfire: hundreds. Hundreds, upon hundreds of rounds are going off every second, with chilling screams in the background. He rewinds to an earlier stage of the tape, playing off from there.

. . . PLAY....1650 HOURS

A soldier can be heard speaking, talking into his boom-mic. Apparently, the black-box records all the voices within a two kilometer radius of the helicopter.


(Soldier On radio): "Lachance, Captain, can you hear me?!", the soldier shouted.

(Lachance On Radio): "What is your god-damn current status, soldier!", Lachance yelled over his mic.

(Soldier on radio): "Jesus Christ, they're everywhere! We've got contacts, and lots of them, but they're not human- I- I don't know what they fuck they are! Oh god- OH GOD, thes' too many of em'! I can't kill them all! What the fu-...FUCK, NO, NO NO NO! NO! FUCK- OH NOOOOO!" *Gurgling sounds can be heard, the soldier dead.*

(Lachance on Radio): "Soldier, do you copy, over?! RESPOND DAMMIT!"

(Lachance near soldiers) "Soldier, get your ass back to Crimson Ten, NOW. That's an order! Find out where it is!"

(Soldier on radio) "But...sir-!"

(Lachance on radio) "I don't have time for your bullshit, god dammit- MO-"

The creatures begin to rush en' masse' toward the helicopter, hundreds of bullets exploding in the distance.

(Lachance on radio) "What the fuck, WHAT THE FUCK-! VASILLI! VALONI!"

The soldiers quickly begin to fall, as Lachance is dragged away from the helicopter by the creatures. They knock him unconscious, silencing his screaming and ability to reject the creatures control.

The helicopter near Lachance can be heard exploding as the bullets ping all over it. The recording ends, with nothing but hissing static.


A repeating plays over and over, which is set to automatically play upon a sound-level that goes over the maximum black-box's sound reading technology..."KIA?....KIA?....KIA?....KIA?"

The Sergeant stepped away from the helicopter, turning towards the bodies sprawled about the swamp, covered in muck and mud. He begins to sprint away from the area, panting.

"Jesus...Cordon boys gotta hear about this."


Days are getting shorter and nights are getting colder... The operation gets closer every hour of every day.
Kharkov speaks into his radio:
"1st Squad, the captain isnt around at the moment, i have gained permission from Colonel Yurdansky for access to the range, I want you here now, Double time."

1st Squad Arrive, weapons in their hands, tired...

Kharkov Paces up and down infront of the men.

"We are going to be training on the ranges tonight, in the dark, things are going to be tough, i need you all on your feet at all times. I want you to put all other squads in their places by letting them know we are the best , Understood?

The group of men reply with a loud and deep "Yes Sergeant!"

Kharkov smiles at the enthusiasm.



Schindler's list music

A man sits near a small campfire in a small wooded area. An open journal with writing in it lies open next to him, next to a knife and AN-94 Abakan.

"Those who seek enlightenment.. they are truly the ones who stay in the dark. Life is like a never ending forest at night... you can sit where you are, and wait forever, waiting for hope that will never come. These are the people who do not succeed... You must stumble on down the dark path, wandering aimlessly, for life is a random and unknowing thing..."
Several prophetic, and dark writings like this are written in the journal.

"Descend into dark
The void is never ending
The night grows onward."

"DARK - it surrounds us. it consumes me. i am driven, i am the only sane person in this world. i will not succumb"

Sancture. A man of intelligence. Seen as "insane" by others. He merely smiles, and drifts away.

Past life unknown... he keeps a secret everything that he is, and everything that he was and will be.

The people who meet him say he can predict the future.

The other people are dead.

EDIT: Holy crap, I'm gonna POSE my RP!



The MI-25 Hind approached the southern checkpoint of the Cordon, the massive rotor-blades' causing the entire Southern Cordon to rumble in a painfully loud, distant vibration as it approached. What could this helicopter possibly want? After all, the MI-25 models' of the HIND helicopters' were only used for missions' operated by the Spetznas teams' of the Ukraine Military.

The helicopter continue its approach, the stalkers' watching as it flew over. The dogs' and mutants' ran for cover: they've learned. The mutant's have become so fond of the helicopters' that fly over, gunning them down as they do their daily patrols. Even the stalkers' scurried for cover: they learned fast. Even in the early days, most stalkers' were gunned down instantly by the helicopters'.

The soldiers' stood in the checkpoint, twelve of them each in a single file line, twenty four of them in total. There were two lines of soldiers, one of the left, and one on the right, facing their opposite directions' as well, all bearing their honorary uniforms'; these uniforms' were usually, only worn during special event's such as this, meaning every soldier here knew something extremely sorrowing has occured.

The massive helicopter landed, with a few of the soldiers' desperate to cover their ears'. The MI brand of choppers' was extremely loud, and unprotected hearing for multiple hours could cause serious, permanent damage.  But these soldiers' were the honorary type, they knew it would be shameful, and disgraceful to commit such an act in a event like this.

"Uvat....AHACH!", the Brigadier Major screamed in a boot-camp like manner, signaling the soldiers' that something tragic was about to step off of that helicopter. Boy, were they right...

"Uov'  Yech os'- MAWNYUL!", the Brigadier Major shouted, causing the soldiers' to raise their weaponry to their sides. the soldiers' stomped their left feet, and turned in a 90' degree manner toward the helicopter, its rotor still spinning as they did.

Normally, in the Ukraine language, when pronounced, these words' mean "Attention", and "Bear Arms". Even most people who do not speak Ukrainian would be able to recognize these words', with some basic military knowledge.

As the soldiers' raised their rifles' into the air, a man in a hulking EXO-suit stepped out of the helicopter, using his suits strength to carry the mahogany wood casket out of the bay of the chopper.

As the man walked out, he stared at nothing, but the blank abyss of his mind. Nothing went through his thoughts, except the tragic day Kuznetsov was lost. The terrible memories, the painful events' that occurred. A loss that everyone in the Ukraine Army could still feel.

He continued to walk, the soldiers' saluting him as he proceeded so slowly down the gravel-paved roadway leading away from the helicopter. Dust flew into the air, landing everywhere but the casket the man carried within his tired hands....

The soldiers' stared into nothing, showing the proper respect the man in the casket deserved, typical honorary code and conduct of the Ukraine Army.

As the man in the EXO finally reached the grave which had been dug for the Major, the Brigadier Major saluted the man, causing him to nod in respect. Even then, it was a painful move. Nothing would fill the pain that filled the man, for he has lost his closest friend... His true, friend.

He knelt, every so slowly dropping the casket into the small hole that filled the area away from the checkpoint. It would be here, that Kuznetsov would rest forever, on the other side, with him buried, bringing peace to his soul forever.

Even men like these, of the Ukraine Army, they still possessed basic emotions'. Some of them refused to cry, some could not help it. It was only natural for a human being to cry, especially when someone so dear and special is lost to such awful event's that unfold within the Zone...

"Goodbye, friend... And when I am gone, I will see you on the other side."

The man dropped a specially engraved Makarov into the grave that laid before him. Much agony went through his mind, causing him to sigh in a depressed manner.

The man in the EXO-Skeleton swept the dirt into the shallow grave, with one swift motion, using the suits massive strength capabilities'. He gulped: a lump in his throat.

The HIND begun to depart from the landing pad, causing the soldiers' ears' to pop as it did.

Within minutes', the helicopter was gone. The HINDs' moved quickly, and swiftly. The basically trained pilots' possessed some quite advanced piloting maneuvers', for what tasks' they were asked to carry out.

As the helicopter departed, the man in the EXO begun to walk away from the checkpoint, dust filling the area as he did, caused by the helicopter. Within minutes', he was gone... Without a word, the man was gone with a flash.

So bent on trying to close the Zone, and so bent on killing a woman that has killed so many of his friends', they are the only thoughts' that scrambled within his mind. Was something wrong with him? Had he gone insane? No.... Not even close to that.

He had become....a true stalker.


Sancture heard the helicopter. He watched from a distant hilltop the events that unfolded. The dust from the HIND blocked the view, but he could still see most of the procession.

He stood motionlessly, some loose parts of clothing blowing in the wind.

An exo-skeleton wearing man walked off, and Sancture observed carefully at what was happening.

How long?

How long had he been in the zone?

Nobody knew... not even him.

He had seen many die, none more deserving than others.

To Sancture, death was just another one of nature's schemes, removing the weak and undeserving from the world.
Some people weak, for some people it's just their time to leave.

None of this affected him. Sancture is one of the few highly despicable humans of this world. He feels no emotion, no pain. When the time comes, he kills without mercy. He never smiles, frowns, laughs or sobs.

He views this as a positive. He recalls that humans act on emotion too much, rather than logic.

"The void claims another, another ritual for one of the billions of flowers in this world, another death among the living, gone forever. Some may forget, some will have the image burned into their minds. They will fall too. They will all fall. They will be driven by anger and sorrow at their enemies, making a mistake that will last forever.

Never feel."


Tangled Up In Plaid - Queens of the Stone Age
Watching this whole event happening.......
Quiet in the brush and trees not running from the helicopter watching everything....
Like a eagle in the sky.
Waiting until the sky fell to darkness,
Licks his lips looking at the body.
Elder Croak watched in silence.
Two of his brothers ran beside him in the cold brush watching these....Humans....Croaks makes a signal as they creep off heading the direction to garbage.
Croak smirks waiting, just waiting for them to let there guard down or to leave.....
Croak is quiet as a feather dropping....
Unlike his hulk brother...
Or his foul half brother....
He was next in line for the crown of the clan.......
Wise he sat not making a sound....
He whispered as the time came around..
He crouched down as others circled also....QUIET like a feather......
He lies waiting again....
Blue streaks circle near his burned face in cover as a voice whispers in his ear....

'Get me the corpse of the fallen one....'
Croak obeys without hesitation as he is a puppet for this greatness.
A few other Reavers circle by as he gives them the signal....
"WAIT" from the palm of his hand he showed them...
'Wait' he thought in his in his little brain 'wait'
So he layed waiting........

Sometime later..................

It is almost time he thought to himself.....
Almost time for the plan....

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Sancture, sensing movement nearby, quickly snaps into focus.
He crouches low behind the bushes, and moves quietly, save for the sound of rustling grass and a few crackling leaves.

He finds his camp, and hides under his makeshift shelter of a fallen log, waiting with Abakan ready.

*An anonymous PDA message transmits.
"More to die, more fall on the path
The rest of us walking, stumbling along
Who shall be next? We must face the wrath
Death is a sentence, and we must serve
Some go early, some go late
People with sanity, people with nerve
They will be the ones who trip the others
Nobody is anybody's brother."


A stalker is seen walking near the grave

(OOC:Correct me I am not sure if there is anyone around it or not or what is inform me if I need to change information.)

You see the stalker walk to it as a few others do

One turns back look at you in the darkness as his eyes pierce threw the trees,what if he is not a stalker.

A voice is heard nearby your camp."Rest...We...Mean...No...Harm" said in a stuttery manner and in a low voice somewhere near you.

More eyes are seen all around about 5.

They move to the grave digging at it very quietly.....

You can barley see them.

As they are almost like ghosts, you may not believe seeing them at firsts.

They move quickly and quietly as they move around digging the grave up until the finnally reach the body.....


Yeesh, this'll be fun *rolls eyes*

Thank you for magically walking into a checkpoint behind ANOTHER checkpoint, full of dozens of soldiers, armed to the teeth. Bravo. Should have saw THAT coming.



Aerosmith-Falling in Love(is hard on the knees)

2300 hours, October 29, 2012, (Military Calendar?)/ Chernobyl, Zone of Exclusion *LOCATION CLASSIFIED*

Degtyaryov and Lachance walk into the large office-building like structure, dashing up the sairs with multiple folders' within their white-gripped knuckles'. The other soldiers' are puzzled- no, confused, as to why they are in such a rush. A better question is, what exactly is within the folders'? We're about to find out...

Their steel-tipped, leather boots' clanked and clattered as they ran across the synthetic tile flooring, Alex almost tripping in the process. A large, orange sign reading "WET", is placed near them, explaining why Degtyaryov almost fell flat on his ass.

The two panting as they race up the multiple sets of stairs in the middle of the night, causing a few soldiers to awake as they fly past the bunk-rooms at blinding speed. Obviously something urgent has come up, and important for that matter.

Why in the world were the two in such a rush, especially in the middle of the night at eleven a-clock'? What could possibly be so urgent, to cause the two to go into such a panic and frenzy?

The two squeezed through the corridor into the General Major's office. The General Major sat at his desk, holding a gold-lined pen, filling out a contract with a group of private mercenaries'. His desk was a wooden-oak like synthetic, littered with dozens of classified documents', photographs, and crumpled notes'.

"Sir, we've got-", the two shouted in unison, both of them pausing for the other to continue. They both shook their head in confusion, causing the General major to shout at the top of his lungs.


Alexander nodded, allowing Lachance to speak first.

"S-Sir... We've got excellent, important information that you have to see. It's amazing!"

"Toss it here!", the GM shouted, catching the folder in his hands as it flew through the air, careful to catch it without its contents' spilling all over damp, cold floor.

As he opened the large paper folder, the contents spewed all over his desk. But like any smart person, they sweeped their desk of contents in such an event, prepared for anything.

As he carefully looked over the items, there were many things to take note of. Multiple air-mappings of the North, the Zaton area, areas' around the Jupiter plant, and areas' around Pripyat. No maps of the Power-Plant though, this is not the intention of the operation. Photographs' of odd mutants', and so forth. An image of the air-mapping near the North is included as well.

How these two managed to obtain such odd documents' is unclear at this time. PDAs' from fallen enemies? Information from the locals' around the area? Caches' near Zaton? It's quite unclear for now, but with time, most of the inhabitants' of the area of know for sure.

*The air-mapping of the entire Northern area, from Zaton, to Jupiter, all the way to the last areas of Pripyat.*

*A helicopter destroyed by an air-borne anomaly. Suggested that the anomaly that brought this helicopter down is still existent, and is suspected to be an electro' anomaly, and has been mapped out accordingly with the others'.*

*A stalker in the Zaton area of the North, as he stares into the night-sky. The different from the North, and where we are, is quite significant. The trees' there are different, in look, shape, and type, as well as variants of mutants', and personalities' of stalkers'.*

*A rather interesting image. A photograph captured the day the explosion occurred, before Charlie-Six-Six-One was destroyed by a wave of radiation that fried the helicopter, with the camera-man on board. How this photograph survived, is unknown*

*A lost photograph of one of the many secret laboratories' created in two-thousand-and-eight, taken by a professor who is long gone, in order to undergo secret operations' underground. This is one of the many labs' that were created by scientists', in preparation of experiments' and tests'. What is within the tube on the podium is unknown, but it is clear that it is not human, and is man-made. Perhaps a signal that the Brain-Scorcher is also man-made? No way to know, that's for sure.*

*An ecologist grade, ground-mounted image capturing device planted near the Army Warehouse captured this image. It appears to be a soldier, one of the many, that were lost to the devastating blast of two-thousand-and-six. It is quite obvious that it is an emission, but to many, they do not know this was one of the worst emissions' in Chernobyl's history.*

*Another photograph within the massive dossier. This image was captured by another stalking stalker at the mans side, allowing him to capture a perfect picture of the man sneaking around the Cordon checkpoint. As you can see from this photo, there is a soldier posted on the balcony where the PKM machine-gun nest lies, notifying you immediately that the checkpoint is heavily armed, and armored.*

Upon the photographs that were observed, there are many more. No more information can be said, rendering this document extremely classified.

The GM's jaw dropped slightly, as he stared at the photos'. It was quite obvious he was amazed at what he was witnessing, but further more, how the two managed to obtain said photos'.

"Where-....Where did you get this?", the GM asked in a slow, shocked tone. He was obviously confused.

Degtyaryov begun to speak as Lachance nodded to him, "We were in the northern area near Jupiter when we came across this. We went into a small underground laboratory that the ecologists' and scientists' call 'Lab Ex-8'. It was quite small, as you can see, but we managed to find this cache of information just tucked away in a locker-room. It was rather easy to get, honestly. There were no mutants', no anomalies', nothing...Just dust and ashes."

Lachance begun to speak, "Sir, this is what we need. We've finally managed to finish mapping the North with the help of this information. It wasn't easy, but we did it. I hope you put it to good use."

"I uhh-, sure will... But you boys cannot say ANYTHING about this, is that clear?"

"Yes sir", the two responded in unison.

"Do you UNDERSTAND ME", the GM shouted in a loud gesture.

"The two saluted briefly, "SIR-YES-SIR!".

"Mmhmm, damn right you do.."

"Alright, boys'. I'm calling in the big-stuff, it's time. I'll scan-" he was paused by a massive rumbling.

"Already done for you, sir..." Degtyaryov crossed his arms, rolling his eyes with a smile, peering his eyes toward the window that was placed in front of them.

As the three stood, a massive rumbling begun to occur. Not an earthquake, not an emission, not a PSY-emission...

The full coffee cup sitting on the General Major's desk fell off, landing with a crash, coffee spilling everywhere. The three ignored it, still staring out the window.

Lachance patted Degtyaryov on the back, as Degtyaryov crossed his arms with a massive smirk on his face.

The two knew what was about to fly over, obviously, because they were the ones behind it.

"What the-....", the GM said silently as his jaw dropped in excitement, his eyes wide with power.

As the three stared, forty MI-24, and MI-25 helicopters' flew over the checkpoints', one by one, some by the triplets'. The massive ground-shaking force their rotors' created was enough to send cups' flying off the desk, and papers strewing about the rooms'.

The helicopters' flew over continuously, giving everyone of the Cordon a piece of what they were dealing with. No stalker- EVER, has observed such a sight as this. The majestic beauty of the helicopters' as they danced about the air, showing the people of the Cordon area who was boss.

Forty HIND helis'...All ready for combat. Each armed with a 50-count Archer Missile Pod on each wing, ready to flip the safety off for firing. Combined with two M122D Gatling guns' on each wing-tip, and a 12.7MM Yak-B Gatling gun on the chin of the helicopters', these bad-boys were ready for destruction. They were much, much more advanced than their original counter-parts of the Ogaden War, and Cambodian-Vietnamese War, as well as the Chadian-Libyan conflict, and many more missions' and operations'.

This, is where the helicopters' will truly shine: In the Zone, the Zone of Exlusion....

The major begun to speak, flabbergasted, "How....How did-....How did you?!-...Fuck it. Good work you two...Excellent work.", he nodded to the two, still staring out the window as they watched the helicopters' dance and grace around the checkpoint, so close to each other as well.

But this is not where they will land, though. These helicopters' will be on station outside of the Zone, at a privately reserved air-strip in Southern Ukraine. It would take only a mere hour for the forty of them to easily access the Zone, passing from the Cordon to Pripyat in minutes. After all, the distance from the Cordon to Pripyat is about 43 kilometers!

The major saluted them, letting them know it was time for them to leave his office. Obviously, he is going to keep the documents' and go over them properly, and thoroughly. It would only be foolish not to do so, for every detail within this folder-like dossier was important to the victory of the Ukraine Army.

The two proceeded out of his office, ones EXO creating a loud thud as it did so, the others duster trailing on the ground. A bit cliche', really. It was like watching Neo, and the hulk walk out of a meeting room with the President.

"Good job-", the two said in unison, cutting each other off.

"You too!", the both replied in Unison.

"Hey, Lachance, I'm gonna head back to Zaton, alright? I got some work to take care of. Luckily the fookin' mutants' won't be such a burden this time."

"Hey, Alex, good luck man, I'll see ya' around. I gotta take care of some work here, got a bunch of paperwork I need to forward, and need to create a device that broadcasts' radio transmissions'.", Lachance replied cheerfully.

"Oh, and Alex...?"


"Make sure you take good care of your girlfriend when we're done with this shit."

"Well no shit, heh! You better do duh' same ya' self."

"Of course, of course!"

As they came to a closing, so many thoughts danced about in their minds'. Lachance thinking about the success of this mission, and Degtyaryov thinking about the success of finding his first Klondike artifact.

As the two walked off, the helicopters' begun to leave, with every single soldier within the checkpoints' holding their berets' to their chests', saluting them in an honorable manner.

Soon , this operation will go down, and hopefully the North will be cleared of scum.


Sancture and the area around him roared with the helicopter's wake, the trees and bushes flattened down as they passed overhead.

He saw the reavers.

In a calm manner, he quickly snatched up his Abakan and aimed at the things in the bushes.

He began saying something strange...

"You are not the one to decide, you are not the one to end, you are not the one to begin. You are against nature's code of law, you are not normal, you are not human, you are not animal, creature, or plant. You are a freak that goes against everything of this world. Be gone, or the void shall trap you all. The natural policemen of the world will end you."

He slowly backed away, then sprinted towards the military checkpoint under the cover of the trees.


0600 hours, October 30, 2012, (Military Calendar)/Cordon. Chernobyl, Zone of Exclusion *LOCATION CLASSIFIED* *NO LOCATION DISCLOSED*

Lachance stood at the gate of the southern Checkpoint, sweat trickling down his cheeks' within his suit. A mission so important- so vital to the success of the Army, that it could change the Zone in every way. And fucking up here, with these important volunteers' arriving shortly, would be a grave mistake for everyone indeed.

The checkpoint was quiet, with not a single person around, nor' a peep or voice was heard. The soldiers' within the checkpoint were getting ready for the great ceremony that is soon to begin, and preparing the speakers' for the briefing. The job of these volunteers' could perhaps be the most important thing they ever do in their lives', that is if they make it back in one piece.

"Shit-Shit, where are they... The fookin' Gee-Em is watching...shit!"

As he was about to finish his train of thought, he was cut off by a massive group of dozens' upon dozens' of people walking toward the checkpoint, their guns' swaying on their backs', their cumbersome suits' sounded like a pack of charging bulls' coming toward the checkpoint.

"Wellsley, let them through, please..."

"Aye Aye, sir.", the mans P.D.A A.I responded to him in a calm, and confident manner.

The continued their approach, as the gates of the Northern checkpoint opened, walking with a posture of ut-most confidence, their stride as they walked, they knew they could handle the job...

"Wellsley, open the sec-", he was cut off by the A.I...

"Already on it, sir."

The group and its sole Vanguard escort walked through the second gate, as they toned down their walking speed, to about 3.5 miles-per-hour. One of them wore the attire of what appeared to be a mixture of a EXO, and Skat-6 suit hybrid, with a heavily modified Russian V.S.S Vintorez 9X39 rifle.

This group, could easily be considered some of the most elite stalkers', bandits', factioneers', and inhabitants' of the Zone. They wore the most expensive equipment that anyone has ever seen, and donned weaponry of the most elite status.

The group walked in, silent. They said not a word, as they proceeded within the empty checkpoint. Was it a trap? Was it a hoax? No... It was much more than that...

* * *

*Ten Minutes Later...*

Aerosmith - I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing

The group of twenty-two stalkers' stood there, dead silent. Flood-Lights came on, from the Left and Right guard-towers, shining on the group below. One of them reached for his pistol, as the mercenary gently nudged at his shoulder.

"Uvat Ya'....Uhach, YUL!", Lachance shouted into the megaphone he held within his cold, armored hand. From what the group could see, there were four, massive speakers' in the checkpoints, of extreme quality to push those kinds' of hertz'. The voice echoed through the checkpoints', all the way to the early areas' of the Cordon. Mutants' scurried from the booming voice.

Forty, white-uniformed Vanguard Army units' suddenly stepped out of the two barracks' that reached into the ground beneath them, surprising the group. Within seconds', the serious, grim soldiers' had their Val' rifles' in their hands', pointing toward the sky at an upper angle with their legs as stiff as a rock. Some of the members of the group in the circle got scared, but were quickly eased as the men pointed their rifles' upwards', instead of towards them.

These Vanguard units', were hand-picked for the honorary ceremony to introduce the group to the daring, defying mission they were about to be briefed upon.  Their shining-clad boots', trimmed hair, and snow-white uniforms shined from the spotlights, causing some of the members' of the group to squint their eyes'.

"FOY-ER", Lachance shouted into the steel-coated megaphone. The soldiers' briskly raced their Val' rifles', and let out instantly let out forty, silenced rounds' from the chambers' of the wood-handled weapons'. The sound was barely anything, due to the Val's extremely well crafted suppressor.

The twenty soldiers' on the right quickly lowered their weaponry, as did the twenty soldiers' on the left. It took only seconds' for them to let the shots' escape from the VAL' rifles', typical for Vanguard units'.

"Wellsley...", Lachance whispered into the microphone. So quiet, the group could not hear it.

'I don't want a miss a thing' begun to play over the speakers' of the checkpoint, as the group scratched their heads in confusion, for most of them were not taught basic English language skills.

The Vanguard units' turned 90' degrees' on their heels', now facing the Northern area of the checkpoint, their rifles' still pointing straight into the clouded sky of the Zone. They looked like American Navy men in their honorary uniforms', almost...

"Spread out in a single-file line, please.", Wellsley spoke into the megaphone, tapped into it using his basic AI functions'.

The group quickly spread into a single-file line, in mere seconds'. Obviously a group such as this, as well trained as them, would know how to do so with ease.

The beginning of the song was still playing: apparently a modified version. Mertz', Johnson, and Yurdansky raised their eye-brows. They seemed to enjoy the song, understanding it or not.

The group stood stiffly, looking around stupefied and flabbergasted. What on earth could possibly be going on, and why the hell was Aerosmith playing in the background?

"Good day, Ladies and Gentleman... On behalf of the people of the Zone, Ukraine, and the World, I welcome you heartfully..."

"Now, please listen closely, for I will only say this once, and I will not be repeating it. If some of you have to take notes', then so be it. But listen carefully, and you will not have to..."

"Before we begin the debriefing, there is something that has to be said. It is of great importance, and may shock you all."

"In the early days of crafting this fine scheme, Degtyaryov, I, and the Ukraine Security Service did not intend on hiring stalkers', and people of the Zone, due to all stalkers' being here illegally, except for factions' such as DUTY, and us. But we decided-, that the people of the Zone would know it best, not us. There is no way the Ukraine Military could ever match the skill of the people of the Zone, and that is a fact. There is no denying it, and we all know it."

"Moving on..."

"All of you here, who have volunteered for this operation, are not to be taken lightly. We, here at the Ukraine Military, have reviewed each one of you thoroughly. Your past, your current, and your skill. We have picked you all, on behalf of your knowledge of the Zone, and your over-all skill, because we believe it is best to hire you, for you are the masters' of the Zone itself... You know everything about it. The artifacts', the anomalies', the factions', the weapons', the-....well, everything. So please understand when we say this..."

"You are the best. You are the Spartans' of Greece's Sparta. You are the Spartan' of the Halo series. You are the astronauts' of the Armageddon movie. You are the soldiers' of honorary World War Two movies..."

"You...are the best."

"That is why I, and everyone of the Ukraine Military thank you all for volunteering. Without you, this mission would not be possible. This mission would have been an instant failure without your skill, and that is why we require it."

"Now, before we begin, this must also be said..."

"First of all, there will be NO physical rewards. The point of this mission, is to help the world, and to help yourselves. The reward is mental. You will know that you have aided the world by assisting us in this mission, and without your help, like I said, we would have FAILED."

"Second of all, the people of the outside world are not so ignorant of the Zone itself. The people everywhere around the world know about you all, and everyone of the Zone. They know what stalkers' are, the know what the Ukraine Military does here, they know what the bandits' do, and they know who many of you are personally..."

"For instance, Mertz here.", he points towards Mertz', glazing her in the eyes' behind his mask.

"Mertz, was one of the few people who volunteered to help the Ukraine Army push forward during the events' of the Freedom wars'. She was one of the few, brave people, who put her life on the line to aid the Zone."

"Was there a reward? No, there was not. The reward was knowing she did her part, honorarily, and mental. She knows she is a tough combatant, and can survive almost any situation that is thrown at her. That- is why the World knows about her. Broadcasting stations' in Ukraine mention her name many times', because she earned it. She has been awarded many honorary medals' for her service to justice, and knows mentally that she is a hero."

"She also...saved my life."

"And in Ukraine, the people know who all of you are. They cheer you on, as they watch the secret photographs' taken of you on the large television screen, cheering you on as you put your life on the line for the World. I apologize for you not knowing that, but the people must know who you are, if you are to be written in the books' of Chernobyl's history."

"Heed my words... I promise you, all of you, that your names' WILL be written in the books' of the World's history. People will remember your names for years to come, and they will never forget you. You are the few who have volunteered for this mission, and will the few to help us complete it."

"Your names...will be written in the history books', and your names' will be envgraved on the walls' of justice, here in the Checkpoint. Your names' will also be engraved on the honorary service wall in Kyiv, or Kiev for you all who know it that way..."

"Wellsley, bring out the goods."

"Yes sir, right away, sir.", the A.I replied.

Twenty seconds passed, as nothing happened. There was no noise, not a peep... Until the massive rumble of the choppers' approached.

Two MI-25 HIND helicopters' flew over the checkpoint, circling it. A massive crate was dropped, covered in steel meshing. You know something good was in that box of goods'...

The panel on the side of the box dropped, as did the other three. The HINDs' were already gone...

"Please proceed to gather any equipment you wish to use."

One by one, in a single-file line, the group grapped their equipment. Some takin typical NATO SIG rifles', some taking classic Kalashnikov rifles', some taking the famous S.V.D, V.S.S, and VAL rifles'. They prepped grenades', medical units', calibration, fine-work, and rough-work tools', a few of them grabbing more grenades'.

And it all only took five minutes and thirty one seconds'....A typical time of such an elite group.

"Now, one last thing must be said", as he spoke into the microphone, the voice typically echoing through the checkpoints'.

They all stood at attention, including Mertz', Yurdanksy, and Johnson, all elite Ukraine Army units'.

"One last thing must be said... With honor, and respect, comes risks', and dangers'."

"Some of you will not come back, that is a guarantee. It is a hard fact to face, but it is true. Hell, I might not even come back...But that really is the penalty to pay for the mental rewards', and world rewards' to come. I am sorry to say it, but it is true, and we must all face it. Some will die, some will be injured, and some will be....lost."

"But you are a brave group, and as am I. You all instantly knew the risks' of this mission the instant you signed the recruiting form. You all know the risks', you must. Injury, loss...."


"Let the ceremony begin...."

The music begun to blast through the checkpoint, finally coming off from the violin and trumpet introduction of the song. Steven Tyler's voice can be heard, echoing through the checkpoints'. After all, Steven Tyler IS A loud person, that's his job.

The two HIND helicopters' returned, as well as thirty-eight others'. They graced through the air, majestically, as they danced the patterns' and symphonies' they played and orchestrated during the Ukraine Air Parade.

Such beautiful pieces of work, and so full of cost. It would be a shame to lose such wonderful pieces of equipment, but it is a sure-fire that at least a few will be lost during the battle of the Northern Pripyat area.

They danced, so close to each other, in typical ceremonial formations' and patterns'. A sight to behold, for they would only see this for on time, in their entire lives...

The forty soldiers, twenty on the left, and twenty on the right, raised their rifles' in unison, emptying their VAL' nine by thirty-nine cartridge ammo into the air, away from the helicopters' of course....

"Death.....Something I am not looking forward to, Wellsley."

"Oh yes, I understand sir... But I too, fear death, even for an artificial construct, really.", the A.I replied to him from his P.D.A, his image that of a British butler, able to change his image on the fly. He even had an accent' to boot...


The group cheered, as they watched the forty helicopters' dance around the area, coming within meters away from each other....



In the closing hours of the coming operation, LT. Kharkov, his new rank shining, prepared himself in silence, his squad doing the same.
He expected the best out of his men.
Kharkov opened up the chest at the bottom of his bunk, revealing some of his old Spetsnaz gear.
Kevlar knee and elbow pads, a chest rig, and a piece of "Dragon Skin" body armor.
He picked it all up, firstly putting the Dragon Skin body armor underneathe his kevlar, second he strapped his elbow and knee pads, then lastly he removed his standard issue webbing, and mounted his chest rig.
The man looked more like Special forces than a soldier.
Tho his equipment wasnt really able to withstand radiation and anomolies alike, it would allow him to withstand alot in combat.
He looked around at the other stalkers now in his base and mumbled "Gah, look at them with all their high end equipment, i only need you..."
He stroked his AN94.

Kharkov reached for his radio.
"Squad 1, i want you on me right now... Lets have a little chat."

His men gathered around him, kharkov started to explain to them the dangers and the honours.

"Listen up, all of you. I know for a fact that the risks of this mission mean that some of you wont come back. But just remember what you are fighting for, you are my squad, you watch each others backs, and you help each other out. I dont want to be taking any of you home in a body bag, things will get tough out there, but remember i am with you... every step of the way."



EPIC POST, I really liked that one.