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2012? Is it going to happen?

Tatersalad · 16761


Will 2012 Happen?

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Campin Carl

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Reply #50 on: 26-08-2009
Personally I just don't care if we all die or not. But if I had to place cash on it, I bet we wouldn't die.


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Reply #51 on: 26-08-2009
Personally I just don't care if we all die or not. But if I had to place cash on it, I bet we wouldn't die.
Well I don't see why you wouldn't care, but as for it happening there is no evidence so it will not happen. Period.


Reply #52 on: 28-08-2009

There have been countless doomsday theories, and like this one it had *evidence*


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Reply #53 on: 28-08-2009

There have been countless doomsday theories, and like this one it had *evidence*

Lol yeah look at Y2K. Killer robots? Seriously now...


  • Sumarai
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Reply #54 on: 29-08-2009




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Reply #55 on: 04-09-2009
2012 is for people who are gullible or emo, i mean seriously who in the right mind would think the world would end in our current generation, it's just a crazed thought that if something epic happens like Obama something bad must happen and the end of the world will come.. typical American thinking.. sorry if i insulted anyone but seriously... someone leaks something that isn't even true and people tell other people and it carries on like a plague and suddenly everyone is hysterical over jack shit that someone lied about in the first place..


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Reply #56 on: 04-09-2009
Five words: He has come to save the day!

He's Barack Obama

No but seriously, obvious hoax is obvious, just some Doomsayer whom has got what he want.


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Reply #57 on: 05-09-2009
Obama video made me laugh


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Reply #58 on: 08-09-2009
Nuclear Holocaust FTW


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Reply #59 on: 16-09-2009
2012 techincally will happen... the year WILL coem and go, but the question is WHAT will happen? i say Aleins will land on earth, and present themselves to us.


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Reply #60 on: 16-09-2009
Nah i'll just Reveal my Secret Orbital weapons And take over the world.. Oh carp.. That was a secret.

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Reply #61 on: 16-09-2009
We will just wait for the day to come and see what happends no one knows what will happen


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Reply #62 on: 18-09-2009
I'll just have to wait for the day 2012 comes and use my orbital weapon to destroy Radeks, then the moon to crash into the planet to cause the world to go POP!


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Reply #63 on: 20-09-2009
Nothing will happen, we are mostly safe.

1) Meteor: We will see it comming and prepare (NUKE IT TO DEATH!)
2) Disease: We have medicine.
3) Zombie Apocalypse: Zombies dont exist...
4) Volcano Erruption: Not that of an apocalyptic event.
5) WW III: Nah, not for another 10-20 years.
6) Starvation: Humans were always good food scavengers.
7) The sun running out of fuel: Bah, that won't happen for more than a billion years.
8) Radioactive Subs in Russia going off: No way, the Russians ain't stupid.
9) Global Warning: You guys believe in global warming? Well, yes, it does exist but it doesnt pose that much of a threat. Come on, "ice ages" happen every 10.000 years, and the next one is already late...
10) Ice Age: Not that deadly, even if the sun gets hidden by something we can use this:
 Nuclear Power=>Powered UV Lights=>Plants=> Food
11) Roflcookie invasion: Joke...
12) Alien invasion: Sure, they just need to travel for some thousands of light years (Combine Portals and stuff DONT EXIST)
13) Nuclear War: Right.... THe Americans/Russians are VERY ichy to destroy their countries...
14) Star going off/Gamma Ray Explosion: Well, many people will die but not everyone.
15) Nuclear Factory going off: Come on guys, didnt humans learn anything from Chernobyl? Just don't test when power is needed and you will be ok... Seriously now, we can survive a NPP going off...
16) Any other crazy apocalypse theory: Just post...

I dont say we are INVINCIBLE. There's just no need to worry now.

3.Disease: We have medicine.

Note: There is a strand of Tuberculosis that is increasingly resistant to medication, and another strand that is completely resistant to all antibiotics. There goes your medicine, and your hospitals. The population of individuals with the ever-growing resistant TB is somewhere in the tens of thousands, while the fully resistant strand only numbers in the thousands. However, until recently it was believed that TB was a disease of a young age, this has been debunked. So... disease that has been evolving and killing humans for over one million years is still killing people. Oh yeah, the white death? That was mother fucking TB, bitch.

And in regards to the global warming/cooling theory, it's been proven that just a shift in say, five degrees on the global temperature, would lead to the thermal currents in the ocean to pause, stopping heat transfer amongst the ocean, allowing it and the rest of the globe to super heat near the equater, and super cool near the polar regions. Humanity can't magically remake the ocean belt.
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Wannabe Taco

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Reply #64 on: 21-09-2009
No the govmen't gona come and put us in big'ol boats. and we gonna live there till we die.

No one ever enter's and NO ONE ever leaves.


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Reply #65 on: 27-10-2009
I think it'll happend,

Theres evidence! I think..


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Reply #66 on: 29-10-2009
its all... superstitions
man, how many times the apocalypse was gonna happen ?
yeah, none of them really became a real one, so i dont think this one is going to happen, but if it will, it still wont let humanity die
plus the medicine is going further, the virus is gonna get mutated, but there will be new antibiotics for it just for your information

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Reply #67 on: 30-10-2009
Meh, we have a new calendar every year. I don't see the world ending every year :P

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Dark Angel

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Reply #68 on: 30-10-2009
XD Ofc it's not gonna happen ! If it will i'll hang myself in the middle of NEW YORK (If i'll manage to get there before everyone dies.


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Reply #69 on: 30-10-2009
Oh yea, another little thing... They predict the end of the world but they don't see the spanish coming :P

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Reply #70 on: 30-10-2009
They said the same thing about the year 2000...Guess what happened? NOTHING.

Moss--it has the charm of a creeping tune~Even in darkness it still grows.

Why do I love Moss?

I have been asked this question many times. Unfortunately, their is not one easy answer that I can give you.


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Reply #71 on: 07-11-2009
I bet a bunch of people are going to commit suicide on 2012 lol.
But the 2012 thing is all bullshit,it wont happen.


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Reply #72 on: 08-11-2009
2012 is an alignment of the sun with some stars, and shit. I believe in the alignment, but I dont really believe that it's the end of the world. I mean it might alter all the gravitational fields and shit, to fuck us up in the butt. And then hurricanes will goo "KAOBOOMB" on our ass, and then the fucking tsunami flies into the hurricane and then theres this epic fight that will be going on in China with the hurricane and tsunami, and then a fucking meteor strikes China and then the fight ends, and then korea goes ching ching chong on the metoers ass, the end.

In other words I seriously believe and don't believe in this..

Rusty - Returned to the Zone


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Reply #73 on: 12-11-2009
I think some mayan calander ended at 2012, because they weren't thinking of it, then EVERYONE suddenly thinks "OMG THATS THE END OF THE WORLD!!!"


  • Mushy Banana
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Reply #74 on: 18-11-2009
Perhaps the Russians will see it as a chance to nuke us and blame it on the bible....


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