Romantically Apocalyptic

Started by Knife_cz, 13-09-2014

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Because I like, haven't found any thread about this lovely comic here, althought I am certain that many people know about it.
So! I am posting it for the people who haven't seen it yet.

QuoteRomantically Apocalyptic was first conceptualized in 2005 as a series of post-apocalyptic paintings on deviantart by Vitaly S Alexius.
It was developed into an online graphic novel in 2010 and grew into a surreal, collaborative, multimedia art project that includes:
poetry, prose, photography, digital art, music and film.

It's a nice postapocalyptic comic. The only other comic set in postapocalyptic setting I can think of is Gone with the Blastwave but I'm pretty sure that one has it's own thread, somewhere.


Yeah, I like this comic as well.
It's pretty interesting as well beautiful to look at.


i was wondering where did the people get the obnoxious avatars from
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