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General Background

From the remote Outer Rim Territories, the Vasariian race has never left their home planet until recently. They are a race of methane- breathing, mostly female, bipedal humanoids. They are divided into four sub-categories.

The Hunters.

The Warriors.

The Shamen.

And most notebly, the Cheiftains.

An intelligent, yet primitive race, the Vasariians run themselves in a tribal and religious way. They wear on themselves methane-recycling suits from when they choose their lifetime proffesion to their death. Not only do these suits have life-saving origins, but they run deep into their religious ways. The suits show that the wearer has passed his/her trials, and is now an adult, and is required to wear them for a lifetime.

The Vasariian people are not a warrior race, as each tribe keeps to themself, and, as a rule, never esorts to violence in anger. Although is is true, every single Vasarii has their own bladed gauntlet. They call the weapons 'Tach'kata', which in their language means 'blade of the people'. Each blade, be they given to Hunters of Cheiftans, are each unique, and each Vasariian is tasked, upon choosing their life-long proffesion, to create one. Vasariians must past multiple trials of fighting, negotiation, and self-control before being allowed to enter the Tach Caves, and create their blades.

Vasarii are very intelligent creatures, and have made multiple breakthroughs in their own special technology, such as their bio-suits and gauntlets. They do not have any advancement in their weapons besides projectile weaponry(Which of course, is banned across the planet), roads, cities, and so forth. This is so because their religion denies everyone except the Shamen and Cheiftans to work into that level of intelligence. With the recent communication between the stars and the Vasarii, though, the younger generation have become influenced by galactic culture, and have begun to break away from their traditions.

The Vasarii have a special biology, different from most sentient species. Vasarii have very humanoid faces, generally speaking, but are characterized by their black eyes, with white pupils, which have no known speciality. Their skin is a dark gray, and they all have black, matted hair, length depending on profession/gender.  On their foreheads, shoulders, and thighs are unique symbols, which are used to show their tribal origins. Contrary to popular belief, these markings are not drawn or tatooed on, but they are each born with the symbols on them.

The Vasariian body forms are also unique in their own way, showing their unique leg bending, their finger and toe count, and their size. The Vasarii have very slender, formed bodies, and are all very skinny. The Vasarii are not a warring race, barely involved in combat besides their hunting or the occasional fight, and their bones are easily breakable, not to mention they are also weak strengthed. They only have three fingersd and two toes, which makes it hard or even impossible for them to use heavy weapons, or generally sold Galactic weaponry. Even Galatic-made silverwear is hard for them to use, which is why Vasariia creates their own technology for their species unique use. The Vasarii have backwards bending legs, not lowering their sprinting speed, but makes them unable to climb steep hills or such. All of these weaknesses are made up by their increased intelligence.

The Vasarri are also methane-breathing humanoids. Not only do their suits have religious meaning, but it is important for their survival on the remote parts of their planet, or on off-planet travels. They do not require a refill, as they have the ability to recycle themselves with the carbon dioxide the wearers breath out. To them, oxygen is very toxic, and would kill them within minutes if they were exposed to the gas. The Vasarii can, of course, survive out of their suits with the correct gas masking, but they wouldn'tt remove their suits at any cost, unless they are mating.

Mating for the Vasarii is a very special thing, only something to be done with a trusted and loved person. On Vasarii, cheating on your mate would result in death, no questions asked. What is very interesting aboutb the Vasarii is their ability to mate with a at least ninty percent of the Galatic population. Although this is interesting, the Homeworld has made an effort to preserve the 'master race', as whenever a Vasarii and another creature have 'relations', the child is always a Vasarii with new abilities, such as the ability to breath oxygen.

Probably the most amazing aspect of the Vasarii people are the Shamen. These Vasarii have the amazing gift, the ability to tap weakly into the Force. The few thousand Shamen on the planet Vasariia have the ability to use telekensis and healing powers.


The Vasariian people are mainly a tribal/clan like civiliazation. Their home, Vasariia, is home to over twenty clans, consisting of half a billion people in total. A small civilization, yet it has already mastered projectile weaponry, armors, basic travel, communication, etc. The advancement of the clans runs from the weakest, spear-wielding Chu'katra, to the sword-armed, car driving Mu-Matra'. Though, with each build in technology, they keep their most basic rules set. These rules basicaly consist of no violence in anger, no weapons of murder, and so on and so forth.

As with the rules, the class system of the Vasarii consists of the Hunters, Warriors, Shamen, and the Cheiftans. The Hunters basically hunt the food for the tribes and clans. While the Vasarii have the complete ability to process their own food, they still continue their tradition of hunting and ritual. In fact, Vasarii across the Galaxy have been known to leave their jobs during lunchtime to hunt for their own food. The Warriors, unlike their name, are the peacekeepers of the Vasarii. They aren't used much in the smaller clans, and are usually tasked in keeping crowd control or animal control, or assisting in research by the Shamen or Cheiftans. The Shamen are the most important, besides the Cheiftans. The Shamen are the ones with the ability to tap into the Force, and mostly perfom healing ceremonies or research. Cheiftans are the leaders. There are many Cheiftans, and each has their own seat in control of their clan. They also assist in research, but are not allowed to leave their clan space or the planet, unless in an emergency.

The Vasarri speak in a strange dialect that consists mostly of large words or intelligent ones. They are very keen in demonstrating their intelligence to outsiders as well.

This is a WIP, and I will TOTALLY add more later if people comment on this and share their ideals. think this is pretty cool, and this ALL came from mind, not from Wookiepedia or anywhere else.


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Isn't this straight from Mass Effect? No offense if it isn't.

EDIT: Yep.


STar wars RP. Not Mass Effect. This aint going no where


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STar wars RP. Not Mass Effect. This aint going no where

Good thinkin' dingus.


Uh, lol? I came up with all of this, it's not from Mass Effect. Quarians didnt work in tribes.


Star Wars has lots of races...just like this...Tribe like space jockeys are basically Rodeans.
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