Whats your newest and oldest favorite game?

Started by Monkeyfisker, 01-02-2010

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Post your oldest favorite game A.K.A. from 10/5 years ago. And post your NEWEST favorite game A.K.A. in the last few years.

I'd have to say the Mass Effect series is my favorite new one.... Hmm...  I'm not much for remembering, but I'd say... Deadly Dozen.


Old Game: Howdy Stranga, whatcha buyin, whatcha sellin? (You knoww)
New game: Meh, Mw2 i guess, but tis boring now.


Oldest: Quake 2 - dis classic bro.(Still playing it lul)
Newest: CoP - I can play it for a year.(Quests,battles and other crap.)
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Dark Angel

Oldset : Populours 3 The Beginning
Newest : I don't know . Haven't bought any games recently nor going to.


Oldest: Half life
Newest: Well, not this year, but CoP was no way near as good as SoC, so ill stick with SoC


Old: Total Annihilation
New: Star Wars Galaxies


Oldest: Diablo 2

Newest: Stalker SoC (Due to oblivion lost)


Oldest: Eeeeeeeeeeer....I dunno Deus Ex? Maybe Spellforce: Order of the Dawn.

Newest: S.T.A.L.K.E.R., AION Is pretty good...and....MW2 I guess.

Also Garrys Mod for both, I must've been like...six when I played GMOD9



Oldest: Starcraft
Newest: That's hard, I don't own MW2, but it's the best new game I've played.


Oldest: The Legend Of Zelda (Good old greenish gameboy)

Newest: Star Wars Galaxies

Bl★ck Star

Oldest: Silent Hill 2 (played that when i was 8) then the next game was hl2 somewhen later

Newest: Star Wars Galaxies (afro gets everyone to play it lol !)


Oldest: Fallout 1&2 (Fuck you, I love them both.)
Newest: MW2 mabye...that may change once I play Bioshock 2, dunno.


Oldest: Probably Zelda OOT. Maybe Freespace 2. Both were awesome
Newest: Mass Effect 2 easily. Both MEs are fantastic.


Oldest: Pac-Man, Invasion
Newest: Aliens Vs. Predator (-Got my Legend-) , DJ Hero.



Don't really have 1 favorite, ShOC is on that list though.

Oldest: Half Life 1 and all it's mods? Deus Ex is a good. As for when I was a kid...probably Actraiser for the SNES, even though I didn't understand it completely, what with being a kid. Also this SNES gambling game called Vegas Stakes. That's how I learned to gamble when I was 4.

Newest: Really really enjoying Borderlands. Wouldn't call it my all time favorite but it's really fun for Coop. Also Where We Remain is REALLY good, played it for like 4 hours straight, rage quit and played it for another 2 instead of playing Borderlands with my friend.

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