Star wars, Empire at war

Started by Afromana, 12-12-2009

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Do you have this game? if you do, please respond. if you do not have this game. BUY IT
Its one of the most epic RTS games ive ever tried (Well, im a bit of a star wars fan though)
If you do not know how it looks like, this should give you a good idea:
Star Wars, Empire at war:FOC Galactic conquest Gameplay
There are tons of ships, tons of land units, and tons of planets (I didnt make one single extra unit on this vid)
Is this game epic or not?


Its a great game, I enjoyed it. ITS EPIC. I remember when I attacked with AT-AT's and other shits and it was like boom boom pew pew, beeeem grrrrrsshhh, wussshhh, wrrrrarrrwww... and others. I have it uninstalled. =D


I have this game, although I haven't touched it in a while.  I will agree it is a rather fun game, especially if you're a Star Wars fan.


Had this around 9 years ago, couldn't install it, it dissappeared in my nan's basement.
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SOASE (Sins of a Solar Empire)

Pretty much same without Land.

Sins of a Solar Empire - GAMEPLAY