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Should I buy this game?

buck · 945

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on: 13-10-2009
It looks meh, with the graphics and all. It looks like another Medival beat the crap out of someone else with a sword. Is it really worth buying it?


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Reply #1 on: 13-10-2009
wut pics? name .-.?

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Reply #2 on: 13-10-2009
HyperGaming Network > General Discussion > Video Games > Mount & Blade > Should I buy this game?

Read this....


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Reply #3 on: 14-10-2009
Yup, you should buy the game. It's very good! You can have your own castle, You have to CAPTURE/Siege castles, fight, lvlup, buy sell... So if you like RPG games then its your game :D.


Reply #4 on: 14-10-2009
The game is fun, there's tons of stuff you can do.

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Reply #5 on: 14-10-2009
I want pics.


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Reply #6 on: 02-02-2010
I would not say "buy" it, I downloaded the demo off of steam and cracked it for the full version. A lot simpler and it is the same thing so why spend the money. But yes it is honestly a GREAT are the mods for it


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