S.T.A.L.K.E.R How scary is it? 1-10

Started by dr.steve, 01-10-2009

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Title says it all How scary is it from a 1-10


Depends what your doing in game, to an extent you can go through the whole thing without any scary enviroments, the scariest one being Soc.
However i was playing clear sky earlier, Was in the village in the army warehouses, doing the mission for the mercs, to get to the top of the tower to get the signal?
It was pitch black, couldnt see bugger all, then out of no where a sucker takes one swipe at me ending me instantly (take into account that i play on master)
And i crapped myself, even tho i have played clear sky about 5 times through.


Not scary. At all.

2 if you're squeamish. Otherwise the scariest thing that can happen is a box surprise rapes you in X6.


The underground portions were pretty scary the first two times.

Dark Angel

10 at night

5 at the day

9 at Yantar

10 at red forest


10 @ Undergrounds
I hate it when something makes me jump.

7 @ Yantar

7 @ Red forest

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When you first play it 10 for everything :P


I almost shat myself when i played SoC in X18 the first time.


I am not joking, I've read tons of horror books and played tons of horror games, and nothing apart from Jumpy parts in a game make me scared for a moment ._.

Danmy myself.

Anyway, I loved the atmosphere in the first lab, if you listen carefully you can hear a calming tune...but really it sounds like pipes being moved, it luls you into a false sense of security.

I found the first lab more annoying than fun, to have tons of shit thrown at you constantly, and then to find out that the cool sparkly things were the things doing it.

Eh, lets go with a 10, because I liked them.

PS: To Monofag lovers, you can find a Monofag suit down der' =O



6 for SoC and CS, 7 for Call of Pripyat.


12 for everything in soc, i had to change my pants every time i saw a blood sucker  ???


I'd say that it's 6 or 8 during the dark scary parts.


X16 and X18 scared the shit out of me...

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It won't throw stuff like screamers at you, but it has a shitload of that ''eerie'' feeling.


Yea the labs are.. Scary..
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Telling the truth, STALKER series havent really scared me, apart from that time I was in pripyat and I turned around to see a circle jerk of Mono's worshipping a Shrine.
I shat my self becouse I was thinking "Ugh fuck.....".

Turned out they was worshipping the Wishgranter. I collected the Artifacts and bombed there asses with a Nade.


Underground parts scared me shitless, I went into X18 and all of a sudden a damn box hits me in the face and breaks and im like Oh for fuck sakes! So I just zerg rushed through everything and gunned down the two snorks.
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Well, I wasn't really ever scared. Sure, I jumped when I got a box thrown at me or I turned around to be greeted by a bloodsucker, but that's just a reflex...I wasn't wandering through X18 say, "Shit, shit, shit, OH GOD what was that?!!?" So meh, I give it a 5 for SoC and a 1 for CS and CoP.



Its scary.

Cthulhu takes the cake for scary though...
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brb going to crazy soon, that game still haunts me.


i almost crapped my pants first time i saw a snork



Hmm, well, I would give it around an 8. Some parts in the underground labs are fucking scary, but I guess I just jump easily...


Scariest thing thats happened to me was when my game glitched and it put Sardovich over an Snork but he still acted like a snork , Basically Model Change :\
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I have been asked this question many times. Unfortunately, their is not one easy answer that I can give you.


X18 - 18
Days - Well northern part of swamps/yantar 7
Days - Other places 2
Nights - 10 for me, everything scares shit out of me

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