S.T.A.L.K.E.R - Call of Pripyat

Started by Zstan, 08-01-2010

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat Debut Trailer [HD]

I haven't seen a thread about the new STALKER game so I deiced to make a thread.

And apparently it's already out.  Oh and I don't think the game is ever going to be in English.

Call of Pripyat picks up shortly after the events in Shadow of Chernobyl, having found out about the open path to the Zone center, the government holds a large-scale military operation to take aim at the CNPP under control.


It's in English.
It's only for sale in Germany and Poland right now, they come in German and English.
The story is about the government sending tons of choppers towards the center of the Zone, but they all end up crashing all over the zone, and all happen to be spread around the Zone everywhere. You take the role of an ex-master stalker who was hired by the military to go into the Zone and find out what caused all of the choppers to crash, and you help your military and ecologist buddies along the way. There's tons of new shit- a new swamp, a new cordon area, a new Pripyat area, it's not just a new swamp area and the old Zone like in Clear Sky, the entire game was redesigned pretty much. It's amazing. And it doesn't suck like Clear Sky.


 Looks pretty cool, kinda interesting to be working with the military. I'll try to purchase it the day it releases here. Clear Sky sounded pretty good to me, you could make your own artifacts, modify your weapons, some other crap and helps follow the lore. I'll try to purchase that when I can.

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I could already purchase it but i first want to buy CS and beat it so i know the complete story without skipping a game ^^


CS was not my idea of a good game. I "acquired" it, and it was laggy as hell, and crashed every other second. I dropped it there.

CoP looks fun. If it's awesome like SoC, I'll get it.




22 days away from the current date. This game is going to be awesome...


Quote from: Tunddruff on 09-01-2010

Sweet, I have 40 USD hmmm now I just need to wait...


I can't wait for this game.


Quote from: Zstan on 09-01-2010

I can't wait for this game.

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Ha you guys need to wait i could buy it right now muahahahaha


I played CoP the day it came out, not to mention finished the game and all side quests in 2 DAYS.
It really isnt that good.
Updated systems etc, which are good, but it dosent even beat CS, And of course, it will never beat SoC.


I am playing CoP in Polish, and no, it is not master stalker, but an government agent in disguise as STALKER. *facepalm*
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Made that in like 2 seconds.


I actually want to play this real bad. I remember when CS came out, it disappointed me, hopefully this wont.
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I played the Russian version for a little bit. It's a big, big, big improvement over clear sky, but not as good as Shadow of Chernobyl. It's still a great game though. Looking forward to play it in real english, as opposed to that shoddy translation patch..

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*Gasp* me waaaaaaaaaaant.

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The game is nice, Specially the group of stalkers and the fast travel options.
Still the map feels small, and you can't join faction.


The day.... it has come...


Its a great game but don't expect shadow of Chernobyl..... I do find it better than both of the previous games though mainly because of the fact that there are no crashes and very few bugs and you can join small groups of loners if you want its really cool. A few minutes ago i found a group of loners and followed them to Vintar and then the leader pulled out his gun ran inside and shot this one specific guy up. I was standing there just staring. I guess those two guys didnt like each other. Any one else had this happen.


I heard there's 2 player coop.

I'm assuming this is utter BS.
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