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Started by Bl★ck Star, 03-09-2012

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Join a world full of ambitious trainers. Capture and build your team. Earn gym badges and supplement your reputation. Forge powerful guilds and defeat all who oppose you. Claw your way through the ranks to become the top trainer, but be wary: just as whoever dominates Pokémon World Online now may fall into ruin, so may you.

Pokémon World Online (PWO) is a family-oriented game. While enjoying the game you may encounter people from all walks of life, from any background, and from just about any country on Earth.

While our game requires players to be 18 years of age or older to register an account, it is perfectly acceptable for a younger person to join us with parental permission.

Since we're family-oriented, we attempt to preserve a child-friendly atmosphere by removing inappropriate or adult content that may somehow find its way into our server space.

Although we do not have an official language, a large majority of our players speak either English, Portuguese or both. All staff speak English. While these are the predominant languages, there is still a wide variety of dialects and languages that vary day-to-day depending on our current players. Notably, South-East Asian languages often are spoken, as are European languages such as Dutch and German.

Currently existing in the Game is Kanto and Johto as Regions aka. Gen1/2.


Is this game made by Nintendo?

    No, this is a fan-made game based on previous Handhelds originally started by Kyro. Originally the game was under management of KyroCorp, and led first by Kyro; then by Zammbi after Kyro retired in mid-2009. Since March 2011, Pokemon World Online is now owned by CodeCore Entertainment and remains active on new servers.

How long has this game been online?

    The website has been online since December 11, 2007. The very first beta of the game was released on December 27, 2007.

What long term goals do the Developers plan for this game?

    While the game started with the Kanto region following Leaf Green, plans held for the future are very broad. Every region, Pokémon, item, and skill from the Pokémon series will eventually be added. When the designers run out of new material to add, they will add new, exclusive material. Examples of exclusive material that are in the game/may be implemented include: quests, new areas, guilds, selling Pokémon to NPCs, real-estate (this is speculation), and more. It will suffice to say that this game will never truly be complete, because there will always be new updates thanks to a hard-working and dedicated staff.

I am currently playing it with some friends, it does have a lot of bugs but it's totally worth it to try it out if you're a fan of Pokemon.

If you play, you may also post your name here and a list of your Pokemons (name/level) and I will make a Roster that is update every weekend.

Silver Knight

It's a good remake in java. I tried it and i have to admit trolled abit. They need  to sort out the animations and sounds in the fight sequences.

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Quote from: SilverKnight on 03-09-2012
They need  to sort out the animations and sounds in the fight sequences.

Yes, and a lot of other stuff too.


Hey, I remember this! I played it for a bit until I discovered PokéMMO. Both are really good for fanmade games overall, but both definitely need some.. polishing.