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Oblivion Lost problems

Szenti · 834

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on: 09-01-2010
PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!!!!!Thanks anyways, the problem was that, that I didn't overwrite a file, now its finally working, yay going to play :D.

Well, I borrowed SoC from my bro to try out the mod, and I missed the old SoC.
I installed it, patched it to 1.0005, and cracked it. My bro wants it too, and he said he won't download a crack so when i'm done I have to give the DVD back to him, I did. Everything went fine, I installed the 2.2 version of Oblivion Lost, set a few things in fsgame.ltx, what he said, and started the game. It went fine, I started a new game on Noob difficulty(lol) it was loading blah blah, but at CLIENT: Synchronising it gives out this: XR_3DA.exe has stopped working. And the game crashes, I tried running the game in ADMINISTRATOR MODE, without that, running on low graphics, windowed, other game difficulty, from desktop, from the bin folder, from STEAM, nothing. I searched its forums, but found no anwser. Could anyone help? I'm downloading the mod again, now from Filefront, I downloaded it from Fileplanet, so maybe that... Another thing, I installed the game, and installed the 1.0005 patch. I have to instal 1.0001,2,3,4 too?

Here's the results from

Recommended: Intel Core 2 Duo E6400/AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+
You Have: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E6850 @ 3.00GHz
Recommended: 1 GB
You Have: 2.0 GB
Recommended: Microsoft Windows XP (Service Pack 2)/Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4
You Have: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition, 32-bit (Build Service Pack 26002)
Video Card
Recommended: 256 MB DirectX 9c compatible card/ nVIDIA GeForce 7900/ ATI Radeon X1850
You Have: ATI display adapter (0x9598)
Features: Recommended attributes of your Video Card
      Required    You Have
   Video RAM    256 MB    1.2 GB
   3D    Yes    Yes
   Hardware T&L    Yes    Yes
   Pixel Shader version    3.0    4.0
   Vertex Shader version    3.0    4.0
DirectX version
Recommended: 9.0
You Have: 10.0
Sound Card
Recommended: Yes
You Have: ATI High Definition Audio Device
Free Disk Space
Recommended: 10 GB
You Have: 8.2 GB
      Upgrade Suggested: Unfortunately, your Free Disk Space does not meet this requirement. Click here to see some recommendations.
Recommended: Yes
You Have: SPGN 6J41Y3056NGP SCSI CdRom Device

I don't think the freespace causes the problem, so anything?
P.S.: Wrong place I think?
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