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Started by Lumker, 09-01-2010

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So I woke up today, and decided to go onto youtube.  And on the front page, something caught my eye: A game called Metro 2033.
Metro 2033 : First Trailer

Metro 2033 Trailer #2

Don't know if anyone already made a thread for it, but oh well. 
I think this game looks like it could be pretty interesting, a kind of mix between several games, like STALKER and the Fallout series.  But anywho, I guess I might be trying to buy it whenever it's released.


There's already a topic of this game, first check the pages, then post it.

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yeah i think of buying it too its already released in Germany :D

i like the idea of ppl living in underground stations cause the world is completely frozen and such


Its not that the world is completely frozen, its because topside is toxic. Thats why ingame you can only go up for a limited time.


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I'm thinking of getting the book (Hope to god it's not Russian >_>) And get the game, Seems like a game I can get into.


Quote from: Poxkillerd on 11-01-2010
I'm thinking of getting the book (Hope to god it's not Russian >_>) And get the game, Seems like a game I can get into.

Learn Russian.

I would love to play this game, Seems to have a good storyline and graphics.


Quote from: Poxkillerd on 11-01-2010
I'm thinking of getting the book (Hope to god it's not Russian >_>) And get the game, Seems like a game I can get into.

February the 10th, the book is being published into english. So your all good, currently only available in russian and romanian.


The game will be Linear, That's not nice. I was expecting something like Stalkeer.


Free roam isn't always the best thing to do, keep that in mind. Look at most FPS games like Call of Duty, Halo, HL2!, etc. They were all linear and were great hits with everybody. This game is meant to give you an awsome story and getting the shit scared out of you by man-bear-pigs(Right?).


I've read the book, It's not toxic it's radio active, The united states decided to Nuke Russia for some reason they dont explain. When the bombs started dropping the people closest to the Subway took waht they could and ran down.
The year is 2033 and it's been like 27 years or something sence the bombs droped.
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I ment radioactive.
Personally, im looking forward to the english version of the book to come out more than i am the game.
I like to read alot.


The book is awesome and I really can't wait untill the game comes out.
And, FYI, there will come two more books! awesome.
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I've been waiting for a Post Apocalyptic Game that's Freezing  instead of Scorching Wastelands. I'll Look more into this , Looks interesting.
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Metro 2033 comes out in two days and twenty hours here in the US, I pre-ordered it last week and got Red Faction: Gorilla from the Steam Store.


Quote from: [INVICTUS] on 13-03-2010
Red Faction: Gorilla

Lol'd :P

This game looks awesome, too bad its not coming out on steam until the 29th.

Ah well.
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Pre-ordered it and pre-loaded it, should unlock tommorow. /dance


So I am taking a break from playing it and ..holy shit.

It makes STALKER look like a pussy game.

Metro 2033 actually does what it says it will do. Unlike in stalker where its supposedly a "Survival horror action whatever game" "Let's go play in anomalies!"

Where in Metro, if you make one wrong move your dead. And what's really cool is the gasmask, when you go outside of the tunnels you have to wear a gas mask or you will die, and it needs new filters. (Which you buy, yes there are merchants)

Oh and did I mention there are NAZIS?!?!?

Metro also has awesome like graphics, and the gameplay backs that up x1000 times.

Another favorite feature of mine are the weapons, they are actually home-made weapons.

Pic related: It's a tihar, a home-made sniper rifle.

Tl;dr: (IMO) Metro pounds stalker into the ground with better gameplay, graphics, story, and everything else.

And it's my new favorite game and I'm also gonna get the book..


Book ending isn't the best ending ever.
The game will be epic. Book was good too.
And they actually have AK's and normal weapons down there too. AK47, Red Dot Sights (!) and grenade launchers (!!).
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It's delayed in the uk............

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Quote from: Last.Exile on 16-03-2010
It's delayed in the uk............
There's already a torrent came out yesterday actually.


Just watched the Launch Trailer, Really cool how they used the 28 weeks later theme song for it.


This game is scary too..I was walking around in the metro and a ghost started making noises then I was attacked by over 9000 mutants.

And it's dark o.o

I'll try to get some screenshots..If I can find the button for it.


Stalker mixed with COD


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