Make half a game, sell it for double the price, ????, Profit.

Started by KillSlim, 31-01-2010

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Making short and often shit games, then flogging them for an extortionate price seems to be the new trend for modern video games.
Call of Duty Modern warfare 2 and Mass Effect 2 are prime examples. If Mass Effect didn't have it's cut-scenes then it would probably be as bad as MW2.

Why can't game producers take after HL2, Stalker and Freelancer? Not by genres or graphics or anything like that, but the length and fun-factor of the games, along with replay value.

I'm really not looking forward to 2010, will we have tiny, shitty and short games? Or will I be mistaken. Who knows, we'll have to wait and see.
Comments are welcome!
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The thing is, gaming today is all about selling it to the "Casual" Gamer.
They settle for shit, so they buy it at those prices.
I mean, altho it bothers people like myself:
Companys like Infinity Ward arent complaining because of the money they are making out of it.


I dont think you can call Mass effect 2 One of dose games. I mean The cut-scens are a huge part of the game, and they were in the first one to And come on you cant even begin to compare something as good as mass effect 2 to Cod.. But Cod 6.. That was just a joke..
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Quote from: KillSlim on 31-01-2010
I'm really not looking forward to 2010, will we have tiny, shitty and short games? Or will I be mistaken. Who knows, we'll have to wait and see.
Comments are welcome!

You have my enthusiasm, and my axe!

This is why I am 4-5 years behind the current gaming scene.

I can play good, fun games, they'll be patched AND they'l be cheap enough that I can buy 3-4 copies for less then the new price and ENJOY IT WITH MY FRIENDS.

Killing Floor, Gmod, Company of Heroes, etcetc.

Also getting more int the Indie gaming scene.
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Fuck. Quake II is better than MW2.

I like to buy games for replay value and multiplayer.
There are games that I will play over and over, because they're FUN, and not different. See, Call of Duty 1, 2, 4.

Balanced Gameplay. MW2 sucks at this. TERRIBLY.
Pro/Con Weapons. The pros of weapons need to be outwieghed by cons.
Fun/New/Exciting Gamemodes and Gameplay - Standard DM games along with something new and original.
New Gameplay Styles - Things that add a huge factor to the game, like Bad Company's destroyable environments.
Replay Value (Single Player) - Speaks for itself.

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But you have idiots like my brother who go and buy it... Yeah...

We have several IDIOTS in HGN who bought that game....

Crimson Reaper...
King Arthur....

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Its because they are whores.
Dirty. Money Craving Whores.

Valve has only made 1 sequel in a ONE year time. And that was L4d2 because it DOESNT really need a storyline.


Most games are like this, yes, but I mostly get drawn into games by the immersive enviroments and storyline. Like Mass Effect one and two, they told the story well, and it had a good cache of mini-quests, even though it was hard to earn credits. And Mass Effect 1 lasts awhile and has decent replayability, I haven't bought Mass Effect 2, but my brother has, he beat it in two days, of NOT playing it through straight and doing the un-nessacary missions.
I enjoy older games yes, but newer games bring in originality, and the stories of them are well told, even though certain characteristics are unoriginal, such as modern FPS games with communist russianns. And or/ attacking russians.
And they do it because people buy them, thats the whole reason games are made. I personally enjoy games new and old, even though older games are less immersive, they have pros over some cons of newer games.
So I don't care what I'm playing aslong as I get fun out of it, which is alot of games. Even though I'm more of PC gamer.