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Started by Bl★ck Star, 03-01-2010

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Bl★ck Star

A L4D2 addon is comming along the way in Spring 2010

-new campaign
-new meele and fire weps
-1 new special infected (i wonder if it will be the screamer or the Spiker)
-L4D2 heros meet L4D1 Heros :D
-The Campaign is set after Dead center and will be called "The Passing"
-new versus mode for the campaign, 8vs8

The Spiker or Haggard

The Screamer

Bl★ck Star

yeah since Novembre the 15th lol


* Tunddruff facepalms

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nekroed 2 times :V



Bl★ck Star

Wait in my Ass, Thats my official instruction.

Chocolate Helicopters


Quote from: Dark Angel on 06-01-2010
Really O_O i didn't even know!
Haha you're funny Angel..hope you really knew.


very nice


L4D2 peeps meet L41 peeps...

Bad things will happen.

Bl★ck Star


Its out/comes out in 1-2 days Steam anounced it on the L4d2 Store page :D


You failed good sir, it was JUST RELEASED A FEW MINUTES AGO

Bl★ck Star

well i said it out but then i wasnt sure cause i found no DLC buy link >_>


You dont buy it, its free.

I just did a runthrough, short, but fun.
Its based between Dead Center and Dead Carnival.
The car hits an obstacle, and you meet Zoey, Louis and Francis.
You heard me.... No Bill....

RIP Bill

Was nice to see some dialouge from the old people, seems something happend between L4D and L4D2 with the military, seeing they said "We dont want to involve ourselves with the military again".
Maybe there are some future DLC's that answer that, who knows.

Anyways, I'll just post a last screenshot before going. Peace.

Bl★ck Star


dont show it to Louis