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Started by Szenti, 03-02-2010

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Ohai, who has an Ijji account here? If you have leave a comment, or find me on SF (Excalibur)!

They are free MMORPG's. Etc.
Theres a lot of games, and 80% of them are good.

Games I have/DL-ing:
KARMA: Operation Barbarossa
Alliance of Valiant Arms

-And maybe more. Just reinstalled Ijji.

Games I had: GunZ(Still have a cool char on it :D)
Atlantica (I lost my Lv. 30-40 char, caused by the INACTIVITY :( )
Drift City
Soldier Front
So just write on me if you want to play with something :D i'm bored ATM.

Trailers(If your lazy to search)
Karma: Operation Barbarossa E3 2009 Trailer [HQ] (Rate This Game)


Alliance of Valiant Arms E3 2009 Trailer #2
P.S. : Installing A.V.A. right now :D


I've got A.V.A I bet I can roll you we should play.


Your USER ID on Ijji? Mine is Szentii
I added someone as Welek. Lol


You probably added me, I'll check it outttt


I thought this thread was about Iji trailer - Remar Games For a second.

But anyway, I've heard of Huxley before, and wanted to play it, but eventually forgot about it. I'll try it out later today.


I laughed.



I made my clan(ExCaliburs) but I need members, I'm only recruiting players from HGN, or/and friends who I/We know.
There will be Tournaments (11th February) and others, and I just want to set up a team.
Of course, when our clan gets enough members then we will have our own channel,server.
So please help.

-Download Ijji Reactor, then download Alliance of Valiant Arms through Ijji Reactor, get in-game talk with me, I invite you to the clan, and done.

Usually I play as Rifle Man, or Point Man. And a few times Sniper.


I got a full equipped Gunz The Duel character, level 20 or so, cash shop armorz.



I re-made my character in GunZ: The Duel.
Started playing it with friends, i'm on Lv. 6-7 now.
But I still need A.V.A. players.


Made a account..Add Desolation68


Me too : HawkBenc
Hawke (The main character of Dragon Age 2) named after me :D


I play AVA.


Pointman Main, Sniper Sub (I hate sniper but im also good at it).

Got an UMP45 and a Shotgun for pointman, max level knife damage, and a few other bells and whistles.
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