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Who Dares Wins

  • Sumarai
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on: 02-02-2009

FreeplayStart completely removes the main storyline and barriers from the game. When you start a New Game you are taken to what is basicly a character creation screen. You choose a name and then which faction you want to join (Mercs, Military, Loners etc).

When you start the game, all of that faction will be friendly, their enemies will be hostile etc and you start in that factions base (All Factions have a Trader now too). The mod also has a 'Disguise' system meaning you may be hostile to DUTY but slap on one of their Uniforms and they'll be friendly to you till you take it off.

It also has advanced...pathing...stuff, meaning the AI can end up miles away from their base. I followed a Milifag patrol from the Cordon base to Red Forest and only 1 got killed.



Reply #1 on: 02-02-2009
Holy shit this sounds awesome, I'm downloading this shit for sure!


Edit: I want to know how to install it, dares? HELP MEH, INTERNET NOT HELPING!

Mr. So and so

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Reply #2 on: 02-02-2009
What Stalker game does this work for? SOC or CS?

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Who Dares Wins

  • Sumarai
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Reply #3 on: 02-02-2009

To install, just slap it in your Program Files > THQ > S.T.A.L.K.E.R. folder

Mr. So and so

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Reply #4 on: 02-02-2009
Ah, thanks.

I got freaky with the Photoshop and got this...


  • Horse
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Reply #5 on: 02-02-2009
I have oblivion lost already on, would i have to uninstall it?


  • Sumarai
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Reply #6 on: 02-02-2009
Does the mod require a new game?

Who Dares Wins

  • Sumarai
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Reply #7 on: 03-02-2009
1) Yes you'll have to take out Oblivion Lost (I think)
2) Yes you need a new game since it has no storyline etc.


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Reply #8 on: 07-02-2009
Uhhhh.... i should just copy the STALKER folder and make another folder... mmm copa past


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Reply #9 on: 08-02-2009
I got bored of it. Nothing new except no storyline. :P


Reply #10 on: 10-02-2009
... I DLed and extracted it to the specified folder, and now I can't even play it D:<

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Reply #11 on: 12-02-2009
Merge it with

Nevermind, I think they worked togather and pumped out them merged, i'll check.


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Reply #12 on: 18-07-2009
Can you merge that (FW v1.01) with OL?

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Reply #13 on: 26-07-2009
Oh nice!

Rhyom Guther

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Reply #14 on: 29-07-2009
DLed and still playing


Reply #15 on: 31-08-2009
Will be sure to try it out!

Wannabe Taco

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Reply #16 on: 08-09-2009
Would this perhaps work on a torrented version *Wiggles mustash*

Dark Scar

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Reply #17 on: 14-09-2009
Nice find Mate

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Reply #18 on: 18-09-2009
Would this perhaps work on a torrented version *Wiggles mustash*


jk, CS was trash past the first half

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Reply #19 on: 19-09-2009
What version does it need?

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Reply #20 on: 20-09-2009
how do you get this to work? i "slapped" it in my Stalker folder and it just brings up Stalker then i start a new game and its normal.

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Reply #21 on: 29-09-2009

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Reply #22 on: 01-10-2009
I would save all the stalker files so if you dont want the mod anymore you can get all your regular files back i guess.


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Reply #23 on: 04-10-2009

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Reply #24 on: 07-10-2009
*cough* i had bugtrap with this mod *cough*
extracted every shiet to Games/STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl
and it gave me a bugtrap
good that i made a backup vershun

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