DOOM RPG (Mobile)

Started by Szenti, 25-12-2009

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A few great RPGs for your mobile :D.


DOOM RPG, DOOM II RPG is coming soon, can't wait for it.
So you move in FPS view, collect, level up, check secrets, blah blah. The fights are turn based, you can save your game at anytime, use stuffs from your inventory, etc. If you are bored its a good game :D I played with it for 1-2 hours, and I have a LVL3 char, its fun.

Orcs and Elves II

I don't know much about this but it looks great, another RPG

Wolfenstein RPG For Iphone or Ipod

Its great, It has a lot of secrets, stupid funny things, like: You turn around on the corner and suddenly a nazi throws a crate at you and says: WANT TO PLAY WAR WITH ME? Its a card game blah blah. If you defeat him*****************SPOILERS************** And then you turn to the left, look at the wall and you can read a small note: Officer Gueber (or who lol) Arrest him, when we drugged him he gone crazy, he wants to play war game with you... You punch the Hitler picture and it turns its head.
So its fun too,hard. Its turn based.


Beat the doom RPG over the course of 3 classes at school on my friends phone.

HomeEc sucked.

It's really fun though, they wrapped it together very well.
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Really? I gotta try it.