Call of Pirpyat:Bandit pwns Stalker.

Started by Ravanger, 14-02-2010

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Well I beat the game and am on freeplay...I was walking around in Jupiter area when I noticed a controller chaseing a bandit around a car, I was like hey ill save mr.Bandit from mean controller. So I shot the controller. I run down and pull out my veles detector and then there is a stalker in there looking around in the anomly field doing some stuff like looking at his crap and shit. Then the bandit yells around then throws a grenade at the poor stalker. Then boom he flys into the anomlys and he is dead. It was fucked up shit.. Also ill give you some screenies soon of my stalker items.


Id of loved to of seen that.
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Niceee I just shoot bandits because they robbed me in Jupiter.

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So you managed to get them join to DUTY! Nice.
Anyways, allying with the Bandits is a good thing.

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Yeah, i only kill stalkers myself, all bandits love me, they are like "Hey Bro" and im all like, lets go kill some stalkers.

Quotebreslau: if i cant cheat i dont wanna play
breslau: period


All my junk in my inventory I am buying every single good item.Also Sexy Beard in the background


No one likes me in stalker cop there always on the ground bleeding and there like help please so hand them a grenade and walk off a safe distance and watch then the grenade goes off and hes just launched off and since i have gore mod its interesting :P Also yesterday i watched a pesudogiant kill a bunch of bandits it was cool he just launched them off.


I kill everyone.

Well first I do their missions so I can get paid/items etc..then I kill them. For teh lulz.