Started by Dark Angel, 08-12-2009

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Dark Angel

Who here plays borderlands? I'm really bored lately so decided to try the game and it appeard to be fun.

Only thing that i lack are good co-op teammates anyone wanna play?

Also help me with the ports... I've done some blonde magic around them but it almost didn't help.


I play as you know but I don't have a lot of free time these days.

As for your router issues they really have me stumped.


I want to play it soooo bad, But i has no monies.

Dark Angel

Quote from: Fluffy on 08-12-2009
I want to play it soooo bad, But i has no monies.

Contact me over SF i'll help you =)


Not sure if I want it or not.
I heard there is a lot of level grinding. I had enough level grinding in Guild Wars and Eve online.
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leveling happens fast and for the love of God don't pirate it.


I have it, it's a very solid game with no major flaws, the art design is phenomenal and the humor is dark and dry. My favorite boss was Nines Toes, who, also has 3 balls you learn, which tells you a little about the comedy in this game.

There are four classes:
Berserker(Big guy, rocketlaunchers and shotguns)
The Hunter (Sniper, magnum user)
The Siren (The....mage.)
The Soldier(Your classic black army dude, focused on defense)

I hope that convinces a few people to check out this game, although I won't join you, as i'm playing Dragon Age.

Dark Angel

Yeah Nines Toes was awsome boss XD....

And Borderlands have hand drawn textures BTW.


Ninetoes was hilarious, he was pretty easy to kill also.

Bl★ck Star

Iam playing it i have a sniper lvl 38 and on Gameplay II


That was almost a necro XD

I still don have it, So I'll try getting a job first and then getting it.