A great machinima maker, Kitty0706, has died yesterday.

Started by DasHeadCrap, 25-01-2015

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So it seems the guy who created the loved "Team Fabulous 2" and "Moments with heavy" as well as tons of other Gmod related videos has died of Leukemia yesterday. I'm not posting this for attention I just think it might be something a few of the people in this community might care about since he has pretty heavy roots in the Gmod community and the TF2 community. RIP Kitty.
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i remember watching his videos when making cool funny epic xD videos being 12 was still a thing
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Wow. That sucks.

Team Fabulous 2 was actually one of the first TF2 videos I saw when my friend started playing.
It sucks he died of Cancer.

I'm just waiting to mess up your day. Honest.