-Trader Rules-

Started by whyku, 11-12-2011

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Basic Trader Rules

1) You are a trader, act like one. You can not fight anymore, unless it's for self-defense, every trader that fights without a good reason will get their flag removed with no warning. You may fight if auth'ed by a SV or me for a event or job.

2) Do not mention the base price oocly or icly, it's bad for business because players will know how much we charge. You may tell others what you would sell it for.

3) Do not ass spawn stuff and sell it, I've seen a lot of traders doing that. You don't have a huge ass-hole where you can store all that stuff.

4) You should not sell "ChainMail" and above, without a Auth from me.

5) Newly appointed traders are to wait a minimum of two weeks before giving out traders reccs.

6) Any player who has a trader, that receives a ban from an Admin for any legitimate reason, related to a Trading foul and regardless of the length of time, will be removed from the Trader roster.

7) You should try "NOT" having your gear cheaper then someone who's job is to make them
  (It's to make being a Blacksmith etc worth it.)

8) Proof needed for auth's or they shall not count.


I swear, it's like you took other rules and copy and pasted them here.


I will work out the rules mainly Whyku but I think we are doing fine for now I will establish the rules once we get a few more traders and so forth.


Quote from: Khorn on 11-12-2011
I swear, it's like you took other rules and copy and pasted them here.

Why changed for what works?

I just changed it to fit CRP.