When a new stalker is released into the zone

Started by Steven :D, 16-01-2013

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Steven :D

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Quotebreslau: if i cant cheat i dont wanna play
breslau: period


I didn't know Pawx was back and practicing his old habits.
Quote from: TheAndyShandy on 05-12-2013
Oh boy.
Strap yourselves in, it's time for the great 'obligatory' SRP resurrection of 2013/14/15/16/22


haha oh wow i feel bad for that guy
Blake.H: And im also working on whipping him into shape
Blake.H: He's nice
Blake.H: He doesn't moan
Blake.H: The sheer obedience is enough to fuel my erection anyway


Saw on LiveLeak.

I should start posting from there. Good GVC material there.