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ksey Ipanov: 10 seconds before we shoot
(10:38pm) Aleksey Ipanov says "Dont chase him, fire potshots."
(10:39pm) ** [6'1, Grimy coat, Back...] begins to run but falls over
(10:39pm) [LOOC] Aleksey Ipanov: Wow
(10:39pm) Dracovich Raka says "Ouch.."
(10:39pm) ** The mans pants and underwear rip revaling his massive horse cock
(10:39pm) [LOOC] Aleksey Ipanov: Im actually impressed, thats a first.
(10:39pm) [LOOC] Aleksey Ipanov: LOL.
(10:39pm) [6'1, Grimy coat, Back...] says "Oh shit."
(10:39pm) [LOOC] Dracovich Raka: LoL
(10:39pm) [6'1, Grimy coat, Back...] says "The radiation"
(10:39pm) [6'1, Grimy coat, Back...] says "Its not my fault I swear."
(10:39pm) ** Aleksey Ipanov bursts out laughing.
(10:40pm) ** [6'1, Grimy coat, Back...] picksup his dick as it coils on the ground like a snake
(10:40pm) [6'1, Grimy coat, Back...] says "I'm sorry I'll make it up to you."
(10:40pm) ** Dracovich Raka laughs hard
(10:40pm) Aleksey Ipanov says "Uh.."
(10:40pm) Aleksey Ipanov says "How."
(10:40pm) ** [6'1, Grimy coat, Back...] he picks up his dick and slowly approaches the bandit
(10:40pm) Aleksey Ipanov says "Woah man."
(10:40pm) Aleksey Ipanov says "Back up."
Wrote 'screenshots/srp_hgn_sector42_alpha_v1_70004.jpg':  2.76 MB (1280x720) compresssed (quality 90) to 288.98 KB
(10:40pm) [6'1, Grimy coat, Back...] yells "DO YOU LIKE HORSE COCK"
(10:40pm) Aleksey Ipanov says "I will blow your cock off."
(10:41pm) ** [6'1, Grimy coat, Back...] he whips his cock like a whip around the mans leg
(10:41pm) Dracovich Raka says "What the hell"
(10:41pm) [LOOC] Aleksey Ipanov: LOL
(10:41pm) [LOOC] Aleksey Ipanov: LOLOLOLLOLOL.
(10:41pm) ** [6'1, Grimy coat, Back...] he pull it and trips the man
(10:41pm) ** Aleksey Ipanov stumbles
(10:41pm) ** Aleksey Ipanov trips
(10:41pm) [LOOC] Dracovich Raka: LOLLO
(10:41pm) ** Dracovich Raka aims at the stalker
(10:41pm) ** The cock slowly slithers up to his face
(10:41pm) [6'1, Grimy coat, Back...] says "NOT SO FAST."
(10:41pm) Aleksey Ipanov says "DRACO SHOOT IT"
(10:42pm) ** [6'1, Grimy coat, Back...] lifts up his balls the size of two watermelons and sheilds himself
(10:42pm) ** Dracovich Raka what the fuck face
(10:42pm) ** The cock slithers with its mind of its own and begins to facefuck the bandit
(10:42pm) ** [6'1, Grimy coat, Back...] throws his nuttsack at the other stalker
(10:42pm) ** Aleksey Ipanov has a mask on so it doesnt effect him.
(10:42pm) ** the Cock prods slowly around his head and neck and begins to strangle him
(10:42pm) ** Dracovich Raka stumbles
(10:43pm) [6'1, Grimy coat, Back...] says "Do you like vinegar"
(10:43pm) ** [6'1, Grimy coat, Back...] laughs creepily
(10:43pm) ** Dracovich Raka shoots his dick
(10:43pm) [6'1, Grimy coat, Back...] yells "AHHH MY COCK"
(10:43pm) ** the Cock lets out a screech and coils around the stalkers neck like a boa constrictor leaving the bandit free
(10:43pm) ** Dracovich Raka keeps firing
(10:43pm) ** It droops and begins to ejaculate verywhere
(10:44pm) [6'1, Grimy coat, Back...] yells "HNGHGHGHGHGHHH HCHC"
(10:44pm) ** Dracovich Raka fires hystricly at his cock
(10:44pm) [6'1, Grimy coat, Back...] yells "WITHOUT MY COCK. I AM NOTHING"
(10:44pm) [LOOC] Dracovich Raka: ver kill his cock
(10:44pm) ** Dracovich Raka stands up
(10:44pm) ** [6'1, Grimy coat, Back...] pulls out a knife and cuts off his dick slowly
(10:44pm) [6'1, Grimy coat, Back...] yells "RHRHRHRHG THE PAIN, I LOVE IT"
(10:44pm) Aleksey Ipanov says "Uh.."
(10:45pm) Dracovich Raka says "WHat The FUCK!?!"
(10:45pm) ** [6'1, Grimy coat, Back...] ejaculates blood and semen then falls over

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'Pale' - Bloodsucker - Alive

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Reply #1 on: 03-02-2011
That Rp Just messed me up in the head x.x

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