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Sgt. Lazar Barkov

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  • Adam Chronovich
on: 06-01-2012

"Mommy, when is Daddy coming home?"
"Here, Alex.. Daddy sent us a package.. The soldier told us that it.. might be a while until Daddy's done with his service. Don't worry, you'll see him soon, Alex.."
"He's always gone! I never get to see him!"


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Reply #1 on: 06-01-2012
One day, I can imagine him lead troopers with M60 in each hand toward victory.


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Reply #2 on: 07-01-2012
Oh course he will do that he is a yank they are all super soldiers which can dual weld any guns and doesn't afraid of anything...

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Reply #3 on: 07-01-2012
He speaks like the Sims do.


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Reply #4 on: 07-01-2012

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