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Started by Silver Knight, 30-11-2010

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Silver Knight

Metro 2033 Roleplay
The Storyline:

  • Nazi's
  • Communists
  • Hunters
  • Bandits
  • Mutants
  • Dead people
The Storyline:

The main character you'll be playing is called 'Arthem' a young man who's job is to warn the people inside of the Moscow Metro from the attacks at the northern post.
It's not that easy as it seems, there are all kinds of political organizations and governments formed inside the Moscow Metro with their own ideas (communists democrats etc.)
Ofcourse you'll get to be shooting weird mutated animals at some point in the game :D

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SRP chars:
Vasilli 'Vasoline' Nikolaev - Freedom - Alive
Aleksey Ipanov - Spooky Trenchcoat Man - Alive
'Pale' - Bloodsucker - Alive


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