Kid Being a Douche Monkey on SF (Is that better Turkey?)

Started by Frostee, 21-02-2011

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Monday, February 21, 2011
7:45 PM - ghost from abov: 3 days in a row you've done nothing but play that
7:46 PM - |HGN| FrostyFrosty: Why dont you bother dark...
7:49 PM - ghost from abov: ive botherd him enough
7:50 PM - ghost from abov: plus he's really really addicted to srp your just addiicted a lil right now i could still save you
7:52 PM - |HGN| FrostyFrosty: How could you save me...
7:56 PM - ghost from abov: well do you really wanna be a fat pos sitting in his house all day with no GF and no life?
7:56 PM - |HGN| FrostyFrosty: Like you have room to talk
7:57 PM - ghost from abov: actualy i do see if had a GF in RL b4 oh and the 1st girl i dated wasnt online
7:58 PM - |HGN| FrostyFrosty: You litteraly are a dumbshit
8:00 PM - |HGN| FrostyFrosty: The reason why I play this, is because I am bored of xbox at the moment
8:02 PM - ghost from abov: well just saying i mean even the wow loading screen says all things in moderation even wow
8:03 PM - |HGN| FrostyFrosty: WTF are you talking about WoW for?
8:04 PM - ghost from abov: well its one of the most famous games for addiction thats why
8:05 PM - ghost from abov: i mean your not even addicted to a game your addicted to a gamemode kinda pathetic
8:05 PM - |HGN| FrostyFrosty: lawl
8:06 PM - ghost from abov: what?
8:06 PM - ghost from abov: it is
8:10 PM - ghost from abov: i mean cmon addicted to a gamemode?
8:10 PM - |HGN| FrostyFrosty: Point
8:11 PM - ghost from abov: its just pathetic
8:11 PM - ghost from abov: i mean its not even a good gamemode
8:11 PM - |HGN| FrostyFrosty: Its fun, you just never gave it a chance
8:11 PM - ghost from abov: um yea the rules are shit
8:12 PM - |HGN| FrostyFrosty: Cause your a shitty Rper
8:13 PM - ghost from abov: um no
8:13 PM - ghost from abov: oh you cant shoot bandits uhuhuhuh
8:14 PM - ghost from abov: fucking dumbasses man

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Kids gonna hate.

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This is what kids call trolling these days? HAHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHA


IKR? Thats not even trolling thats just being a fucktard.
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