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Started by Nargotah, 26-01-2011

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|HGN-Dir| Last-Exile: Alright, you're out of here bro.
|HGN|Turkey[IG]: What
|HGN-Dir| Last-Exile: I'm so SICK of your shit man, it ain't even funny.
|HGN|Turkey[IG]: What did I do?
|HGN-Dir| Last-Exile: You know what you fucking did, and it makes me sick.
|HGN|Turkey[IG]: Uh.
|HGN|Turkey[IG]: Played TF2 on CSN?
|HGN-Dir| Last-Exile: Do not play games with me.
|HGN|Turkey[IG]: I seriously don't know what the problem is
|HGN-Dir| Last-Exile: Oh, of course not. That's because you do way too much shit.
|HGN-Dir| Last-Exile: Fuck's sake.
|HGN|Turkey[IG]: DId I mess up the gmod top 100?
|HGN-Dir| Last-Exile: You fuck up EVERYTHING you touch, and I am sick of it. Take off that tag.
|HGN|Turkey[IG]: The tag?
|HGN|Turkey[IG]: OH
|HGN|Turkey[IG] has changed their name to |HGN|Turkey.
|HGN|Turkey: Do you have a problem with IG or something? I don't see a problem in supporting two communityes
|HGN-Dir| Last-Exile: IG is a fucking retard clan, and I don't want that retard shit in your name, is that understood?
|HGN|Turkey: Yes. I understand.
|HGN-Dir| Last-Exile: Now then. Tell me why you should be allowed to stay in HGN.
|HGN-Dir| Last-Exile: I am waiting, Turkye.
|HGN-Dir| Last-Exile: *Turkey
|HGN|Turkey: To be 100% Honest.
|HGN|Turkey: I don't know if you have a reason to keep me around, But my reason for staying is because I enjoy playing all types of different games with the community.
|HGN-Dir| Last-Exile: Come up with a real reason, Turkey. We've tried giving you responsibilities before, and you've always failed. You're constantly trolling in this community, and you contribute nothing. Give me a reason.
|HGN|Turkey: Most difficult question ever.
|HGN-Dir| Last-Exile: I need an answer, Turkey. I've been yelled at by tons of people to get rid of you, but i've always at least tried to allow you to stay. But you're making this very hard.
|HGN|Turkey: I think I should be allowed to stay because honestly I never knew you disliked IG, I joined their sever and found the playerbase to be metally ill, But playing as the BoS at IG was pretty easy, I found it as a good way to past time while I wait for HGN FRP, When HGN FRP comes out, I was gonna go nuts and pk that character.
|HGN|Turkey: I consider it a honest mistake.
|HGN-Dir| Last-Exile: You consider that to be a good enough excuse? You think that telling me you didn't find what we had to offer good enough was going to make me happy? I've worked hours over this Turkey, and you're belittling everything i've done just because it's not coming out quickly enough? I'm sorry that I have a life and need to do things Turkey. I try to do my best for you all, and you all just throw it back in my face. I'm sick of it, really.
|HGN-Dir| Last-Exile: Get out of TF2, i'm trying to help you here and you're ignoring me.
|HGN|Turkey: I only complained about the FRP release time because it was delayed because of CRP. And a majority of the community prefers FRP over CRP. I too have a life and have things to do.
|HGN|Turkey: And I never said anything about your work, I said it was great, But taking up CRP, Frp, and working on SRP seems too much. And like I said aboev, FRP>CRP>
|HGN|Turkey: .*
|HGN-Dir| Last-Exile: And yet the response to CRP has been massive, and thanks to my continued work on the canon in that, it is quickly becoming a strong server for our community.
|HGN|Turkey: But don't you think the response to FRP would have been bigger? I had a new guy PMing me asking if CRP was out yet.
|HGN|Turkey: Because the alpha stage.
|HGN-Dir| Last-Exile: Look, this isn't the topic. The topic is whether you deserve to wear these tags or not. Give me a reason you deserve them, or we're done.
|HGN-Dir| Last-Exile: And get out of TF2. Last time i'm asking.
|HGN-Dir| Last-Exile: I want an answer within two minutes.
|HGN|Turkey: Now instead of pulling some complex reason out of my arse, I am going to be 100% honest. I've done nothing for the community, I brought in a few friends once or twice.. But nothing really other then playing on the servers. I act like a complete dick to everyone on the forums. Mostly newer people. I will remove that GmodTop100. So if I caused this much of a problem to everyone, I guess i don't deserve to wear these tags. I stopped playing SRP after it became very boring, Most of the new players are just bandit hunting item whores. I really wasn't given any responsibilities because of my maturity. Thats really all I have to say for myself.
|HGN-Dir| Last-Exile: Very well. This is what I want you to do. Remove your tags. After doing so, I will allow you to make a goodbye post on the forums, after which you will be banned. After one month, you will be able to appeal your case directly with me. Is this understood?
|HGN|Turkey: Yes, But I don't wish to make a goodbye post.
|HGN|Turkey has changed their name to |Turkey.
|Turkey has changed their name to Turkey.

well gg


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YOU DIRTY BITCH, I found out later. Imma cry.

Longest insult ever





That is all.

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Nargotah... ;/

|HGN-Dir|Last.Exile (2): Hello, my friend.
|HGN-Dir|Last.Exile: Nargotah, get out.
|HGN-Dir|Last.Exile (2): No, you get out.
|HGN-Dir|Last.Exile (2): I just logged into my account, and find that someone else is on it.
|HGN-Dir|Last.Exile (2): Get the hell off my account, Nargotah.
|HGN-Dir|Last.Exile: Im not up for playing stupid games. Fix your name im going to bed.
|HGN-Dir|Last.Exile (2): This is no game, you two bit hacker.
|HGN-Dir|Last.Exile: Nargotah your not funny at all pretending to be me.
|HGN-Dir|Last.Exile (2): Look, you can't pretend you are you while pretending to be me, Nargotah. Stop this petty bullshit and get off my account. Besides, everyone knows i'm not so stupid as to use incorrect spelling and grammar.
|HGN-Dir|Last.Exile: Turkey actually believed you...
|HGN-Dir|Last.Exile (2): Of course you do, you were probably wallhacking my IPs. Now get off my account.

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It is a sad day for turkey. :(



Bto (2): :D
|HGN-Dir|Last.Exile: sup turkey
Bto (2): Turkey?
Bto (2): Who's that.
Bto (2): :D
|HGN-Dir|Last.Exile: you have a gigantic (2) next to your name


HAHAHAHAHA, OH~! WOW, FUCKING HA... If you were black turkey, this would be considered getting knocked the FUG OUT!
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I was sad till I read last exiles post.
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Nargotah for best troll of the year.


This....this needs to be stickyed and remembered. Nagroth you are the true troll unlike the trolls of today.



Q.Q He got me good. Dickbutt.


I know how you feel Turk. This has been done before on me :V




You fucking win.


best troll ever.

Bl★ck Star

This is Win !


I'm gonna bookmark this shit.
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I was so happy about this.. untill I found out about Nargotah trollin'. Anyway, good one.


Quote from: Aresty on 27-01-2011
I was so happy about this.. untill I found out about Nargotah trollin'. Anyway, good one.

I troll with grace, I don't troll by screaming TROLOLOLOLOLOL at the top of my lungs, that's just being a bit of a cunt.

Anyway, back to stoking my ego for my greatness at being a dick some more.



Quote from: Turkey on 31-01-2011

everyone forgot about this already

are you a masochist or something


Most likely he is.
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Is your sig from Machete? I think it is.