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Started by meetdadoom, 15-05-2011

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Steam ID: WTf is this shit?
SF Name: |HGN|Fatdan700
How long have you been rping on HGN?: OVER 9000!!!!!!!!! YEARS
How many posts do you have?: 400
What do I want: A chicken thy dunked in Killabreu's special anal leakage sauce.
Why should we accept you?: Because I LIKE THE CHICKEN LIKE ICECREAM!!11

IC Name:A Fyat guy
Age: 69 (lol)
Height: 3'
EyeColour: one green the other red.
Hair: HOCKEY HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eye lash length: 1ft.

backstory: A fyat guy was hungry one day and wanted his favorite dish, Chicken Thy dumped in Killabreu's special anal leakage sauce. A fyat guy began to sweat and smacked his lips as he thought of his food. He began to play with his man boobs while listening to barry white music. After an hour he attempted to get up off his computer chair and started to waddle to his rascal scooter. Just three more steps to his rascal scooter, THEN ALL OF THE SUDDEN HIS FAT WIFE CAME INTO THE ROOM SMOKING A WHOLE PACK OF NEWPORTS!!!!!!!! "FYAT GUY!!!!!, YOU PROMISED ME *hack hack hack hack(coughing)oh shit, I just coughed up some tar. Anyways, FYAT GUY!!!! YOU PROMISED ME WE WILL GET SOME STELA'DORA BREAKFAST TREATS!!!!!!!!!!" The Fyat guy slowly turns his neck/triple chin at his wife, he exlaimes in fury "NEVER" He waddles as fast as a fat man can waddle to his scooter. He jumps in and the scooter bounces as Fyat guy gets on. He starts the engine and races out the door at a high speed of 5 mph!!!! Fyat Smoker Wife yells "SHIT" She takes a drag of her pack of smokes and jumps into her scooter, she starts the engine and speeds off!!!!!! As the fyat guy is speeding down the street he looks around his neighborhood and see's big black people all over with guns and weed and also drinking some 40. He looks behind him and see's his wife catching up to him. He ignites the NO2 and GOES TO AN UNBELIVABLE SPEED OF 10MPH!!!! RIGHT ON THE REDLINE!!!! As he zooms down the street his skin begins to flap behind him! He rounds the corner as fast as he can and then makes it to Blake's dirty deli.

epic music time:
HE tries to stop the scooter but, the scooter does not stop! With only seconds left, he jumps out from the side and does a parkour roll. He gets up and waddles to the door. He looks behind him and his wife is making his way to him. He opens the door and tries to get in! But, he does not fit. He turns around quickly and he see's his wife catching up to him! He turns sideways and breathes in. He still does not make it through! He quickly waddles to his scooter and grabs a sticks of butter from the glove compartment. He takes his shirt off and and quickly rubs the butter on himself. He rubs extra on his man tits and his three rolls and then breathes in! HE SQUEEZES THROUGH THE DOOR!!!!!! He gets inside the room and looks at the deli owner. He asks....may...huff hufff... I....huff huff... have thy chicken. The owner's name tag says Blake. Blake yells about random shit that is going on and walks into the meat room. A fyat guy hears a scream of a redneck texan, blake yells "YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN HOUSE ARRESTED YOU FAGGOT. YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE TRIED TO MAKE YOUR DELI WITH MY MEAT!" He walks back to the dirty counter and drops the pound of Thy chicken. The fat guy sniffs it and asks "what about the killabreu anal leakage sauce?" Blake gets extremly angry and comes back with a cup full of it. The fat guy takes the thy chickan and the cup of anal leakage and turns around. ALL OF THE SUDDEN!!!! A LARGE SCOTTISH MAN WITH A BROADSWORD BUSTS THROUGH THE WALL!!! HE yells "THAT THY CHICKEN BELONGS TO ME!!!!!"

Epic music time!:
The Scottish man runs at a fyat guy and attempts to slice him but a fyat guy puts on his sun glasses and takes the jizz stained trenchcoat on the ground. He does a sideways summersault and dodges the attack! The Scottish man turns to him and says "I see I have found my match!" The Fyat guy takes out a twinkie gun and fires a few rounds of twinkie bullets. The scottish man simply laughs and slices the bullets in half. "Your bullets ARE TO SLOW FOR ME!!! NOTHING CAN STOP ME!!!!" The scottish man attempts to attack him again but the fyat guy continues to roll out of the way! The fyat guy fires a few more rounds at the scottishman but, the scottish man is not afraid of his bullets. The scottish man attempts to swipe at him with his sword but, the fyat guy jumps back just in time. He jumps back into the corner of the wall. The scottish man comes to him slowly. The fyat guy scared, fires off a few rounds but can not hit the giant scottish man. The scottish man brings his claymore up and is about to bring it down when all of the sudden! The wall above fyat guy bursts open with a giant blob of a woman in a scooter flying out! The front tire of the scooter hits the scottish man and tramples him. The scotter than gets sandwiched between the two and the fat woman collapses onto the scottish man. She then dies from a mixture of heart failure,lungcancer, diabetees type abijilion and gingerviatus (yes she was a ginger).

The scottish man attempts to push the fat dead woman off of him but the dead weight is too much for him. He angrily tries to flail him self out but still cannont. he yells "I'll GET YOU SOME DAY A FYAT GUY!!!!!"
The fyat guy picks up his dirty brown bag with thy chicken and anal leakage sauce and puts on his sun glasses. He waddles towards the door. Blake begins to bitch at A fyat guy for breaking the wall but the fyat guy shoots his twinkie gun at Blake. Blake EXPLODES INTO A MILLION TINIER twinkies. A woman near the door looks at fyat guy in horror and a fyat guy stops near her. He takes his sun glasses off and begins to make out with the hot girl. A fyat guy then puts on his sunglasses and continues to waddle to the door. The woman looks at him in more discust and pulls out a gun and shoots herself. The bullet goes through her brain and hits a oil drum that was convinantly placed there. The oil drum EXPLODES but the fyat guy is too cool to care. A redneck in a gimp suit with a house arrest cuff on his ankle attempts to attack the fyat guy but the fyat guy is too cool and shoots his twinkie gun at him and the redneck turns into a million more twinkies.  He gets to the door and kicks the door open and gets on his scooter. He races off into the sunset. He takes off the ground and flies into space and while he rides he eats his thy chicken with anal leakage sauce. The camera zooms in on what the camera man thinks is his mouth and the mouth smiles after it takes a bite into the chicken.


Additional notes: So as you can see, I totally deserve thy chicken dumped in killabreu sauce because I am an awsome roleplayer.

what is power gaming?: When someone tries to do something that hurts me which is not allowed because I am too cool for your school.
What is metagaming?: When you use ooc information in ic. I am the only one allowed to do it however.

Admin Auths:

Will be posted once silver fixes forums.




Bl★ck Star


Quote from: Bl★ck Star on 15-05-2011

You are missing out on so much. I am going to write a sequel and you will be wtf is this shit?


Bl★ck Star

Quote from: meetdadoom on 15-05-2011
Quote from: Bl★ck Star on 15-05-2011

You are missing out on so much. I am going to write a sequel and you will be wtf is this shit?

not going to read the other part. tl:dr also.


Publish that shit, you'll make millions.
To loot, lulz and SCIENCE!


What about the Military app about some guy's penis grew bigger and such?
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▐▒▒▐▀▐▀▒░▄▄▒▄▒▒▒▒▒▒░▒░▒░▒▒ ▒▌
▐▒▒▒▀▀▄▄▒▒▒▄▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒░▒░▒░▒ ▐
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This isn't even relatively funny. You're trying too hard.

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This isn't even relatively funny. You're trying too hard.
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Quote from: Killabreu on 16-05-2011
This isn't even relatively funny. You're trying too hard.

Your just jelus because I am going to become loaded and your going to be a poor nigger in space.

(all trolling aside, this is an inside joke between thy/theigh and me)




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