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Also also registering for another user named Sylv because time constraint

Name: Sylvenus
Race: Half-Fiend
Class: Mage
Hey sorry I'm late to register I hope this doesn't mess too many things up
Name: Kuvuna Zeyen.
Class: witch/warlock (Mage/Summoner).
Name: Raltz
Race: Human
Class: Sage (Cleric/Mage)
Name: Pale Beauty
Race: Lepid
Class: Cultist (Cleric/Summoner)
(Not entirely sure if I'm doing this right but whatever)

Name: Galen Calume
Race: Avian
Class: Warrior
Also registering for a user named Spitz, who is unable to make an account at the moment.
Name: Acolyte
Race: Human
Class: Mage
Name: Roc Aerbane
Class: Rogue
Race: Human
Hi I'm doing the reply thing too even though I'm not entirely sure if I even have to, but juuust in case.

Echo. Human, unique class but for the sake of simplicity she'll count as a non-elemental Mage.
Its that time of the year again: that's right, it's Aurith. On this festive day of high hopes and spirits, friends, family, and even enemies, albeit rare, give gifts to one another. However, up above, in the Serpent's Tail Colosseum, the two Headmasters, Ragnarok and Ethiron, had a different idea. Instead of gifts, they'd hold a tournament! Yes, a tournament in which contenders give and receive blows from one another! To further the spirit of Aurith, they also have a special rule in store for the contenders. So, to one and all, every boy and girl, come on down to The Festive Clash- the Tournament of Aurith!

The event will take place on Sunday, December 23rd, at 4:00 PM EST.

The Event has Concluded. Thank you to all of the Participants that came out and...well, y'know, participated!

1. Mounts are not allowed into battle.
2. Certain Skills that involve multiple hits (Such as Quick Strike) will only count as 1 hit should both hits connect.
3. Critical Hits only account for 1 Hit.
4. You may not use EXE to bring in multiple characters. Spaces that are left empty will be occupied by NPC characters.
5. A character's own Signature Skill cannot be used. (Rule is Null and Void for the "Special Fight")

Special Battles
The Victor of the Tournament will have the option to face an Opponent that is harder to defeat than the rest. During these fights, all tournament rules are null/void, and the opponent will have a special fighting gimick unique to them. These battles will also take on the normal battle format.

Should the Victor defeat the Special Opponent, they will have the option to receive one of the following:

Ball of Frostlight(5):
"Snowballs infused with the Magical Power of Light. Can be thrown at an enemy, dealing weak Ice and Light damage."

Hammer of the Heavens:
"A Hammer infused with a large deal of Divine Power. The hammer has a passive +5 to all rolls against creatures of the dark. However, the user can throw the hammer once per battle as an attack, and should the target be a creature of the dark, add +20 to the roll. This does get rid of the +5 for the rest of the battle, though." (E.G. Fiends, Undead, and anything that can be related to Darkness/Shadow, really.)

Divine Encyclopedia
"A book containing information about many divine spells. Allows the user to cast 1 of 3 spells:
Light of Ruin - A Strong, Divine Beam of Light Strikes all enemies. Guaranteed to hit, but renders the user unable to take any action for the next 3 Turns.
Grace of the Gods - The user uses the power of the Divine Gods to heal allies by a large deal, as well as giving the party a +5 boost to all rolls for the rest of the battle. This does prevent the user from using their Signature Skill for the rest of the battle should they have one, though.
Beckoning Plea - Summons Ethiron into the battle to take the users place. After 3 turns, he will vanish.
(It should be noted that the user must be a Cleric or Mage in order to use this tome. Additionally, the tome can only be used once per battle.)

Prismatic Reactor Core
"A Prism infused with a large deal of Light Magic. Seems like a Component to something."

Rainbow Shards
"Shards that, when hit by light, reflect the colors of the rainbow. Seems like a Component to something."

Frame of Light
"A Sword-Shaped Frame of Pure Light. Seems like a Component to something."

As mentioned above, this tournament utilizes a special, seasonal rule, meant to switch up the game as we know it and offer a little bit of a brief change to the way skills are used. We’ll be doing a sort of Secret Santa with this one. How, you ask? Well, for this tournament you’ll be making a signature skill for another person’s character, utilizing their abilities to make them a unique and special sig for their use only. However, a few restrictions come with this.

-You can only make use of that character’s skills. For example, if a character were classed as Rogue/Ranger, you cannot give them a signature skill that requires the use of magic, for example, or if they’re human, you can’t give them anything that requires wings.
-Like all signature skills, it must be balanced. You ARE allowed to use this rule to your advantage and inflict MINOR negative effects on an opponent, however it must have some form of a positive effect for the user, no matter how small it may be. [-1s to all stats, for example, aren’t allowed, even if it’s a small negative effect.] Though you may want to lean towards more positive impacts…
-This will replace the character’s normal signature skill [if they have one] for the entire tournament. These still fall under all signature skill rules, except the one restricting sig use in tournaments. In addition, those who are not Legacy may still register and obtain a unique signature. However, this signature skill will only be permitted to be used inside this tournament. For the special fight, if you get there, you must make the choice to use either your normal signature or the Secret Santa signature.

Finally, there wouldn’t be any fun in giving other people an easier way to beat their character up, right? Which is why we’re implementing an extra reward: If the character who you made a signature skill for ends up winning the tournament, YOU will obtain an extra reward as well. This adds an ounce of strategy. Do you go for the partially screwing-over signature, or do you give them something good that’ll maybe net you the extra reward? Be creative, and cunning!

You’ll need to register by replying to this post with which character you’ll be entering, their race, and class. If you don’t register, you’re then unable to fight, but you can still come and cheer people on! Registrations will end on Tuesday, December 18th, 2018, at 6:30 PM. We’ll then randomize the names, and message you soon after with who you must make a sig for. The sig is due on the hour of the tournament’s beginning. Message one of the mods with your sig and who it’s for by then.
Best of luck, all, and happy holidays!

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