Joining the server for the first time

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Welcome to the Zone!

Entering the Zone for the first time...

**You have waited many hours in the cold to meet your contact on the outskirts of Kiev. Eventually he arrives and you get into his car. After sitting in silence and driving for some time though the ever sparsely populated rural areas he pulls over by an exclusion zone sign, sighing as he looks at his watch before narrowing his eyes on you in the rear view mirror.**

"Welcome to the Zone! Prepare to be extorted by everyone Rookie! You'll find your basic survival supplies in the trunk, once you're equipped,  follow the <Map/Terrain Feature> until you reach the military checkpoint, that is the easy part. Getting through is more difficult, we're not sure how you'll achieve it but once you're passed you should head to the rookie village to the north. Be vigilant of military patrols, they are more concerned with keeping people out than in, but it's not unheard of for Stalkers to barter their way through."

**You nod, exiting his car and retrieving your kit from the trunk and continue down the dirt road. You glance back to see your contact grinning at you as he starts his car and turns around, heading back the way he came. You will soon be at the Cordon...**

Interactions with Military

As a Loner your interactions with military should be limited. Their relations with stalkers can be summed up pretty easily by the proximity of the military Cordon to the rookie village and why it has not been removed with its stalkers arrested, simple, Loners and Rookies are a great buffer. Without them there, more dangerous mutants and factions would endanger the Military's Cordon and the lives of those who guard it. Generally, if you comply with their commands and provide the correct documentation for visible weapons then you'll never have issue.


Entry Permit
The entry permit is available from the Military Checkpoint and is generally only required when moving through their checkpoint.

Weapon Permit
Weapon Permits are a tiered classification of weapons by caliber you are allowed to have legally in the zone. If you are stopped by a military patrol they may ask you to present your permit for any visible weapons and may confiscate any without correct permit. They are available to buy from the Military Checkpoint or taken from other stalkers pockets.

9x18mm (Semi-Auto)
9x19mm (Semi-Auto)

12 Gauge (Break Action/Semi-Auto)
.45 ACP (Semi-Auto)

9x18mm (Automatic)
9x19mm (Automatic)
.45 ACP (Automatic)

.308 (Semi-Auto)
7.62x39mm (Semi-Auto)
7.62x54mm (Semi Auto)

5.56x45mm (Automatic)
5.45x39mm (Automatic)
12 Gauge (Automatic)

7.62x39mm (Automatic)
7.62x54mm (Automatic)
9x39mm (Any)

.308 (Automatic)

The Rookie Village
The rookie village is a safe haven for Rookies and Veterans alike, it serves as a local hub for trade, contracts and socializing.

Here you will find beds for rest, a trader for supplies and safety among fellow Stalkers.

Earning Rubles & Gear
The Cordon is plagued by feral mutants of varying lesser degrees. You can make rubles by killing them for their parts and selling them at the rookie village.

Likewise with Mutants you can find artefacts, at much greater risk, which can be found at the many anomalies littering the area.

Many a stalker leaves a stash in this centralized location, perhaps you may come across one and claim it as your own.

Content Pack:

Server 1 ( Cordon ):
stalker server 1

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