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1.3.4 -Safehaven map disappeared-

Syndraell · 18843

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Title says it all. The most recent update I have is two months old, and a lot has changed in the past two months.

I really hope that I have a more recent update lying about somewhere, because THIS SUCKS.

All the characters and their inventories should be fine. as well as Piggy banks and Safes. But the map has been blown back to the beginning of September.

-Upgrades to town no longer exist
-Forest no longer exists
-shrine is back on the west coast
-old guild is back on east coast
-Stardust lounge reset back to granite
-lots of other annoying little things.

I'm really hoping that there's a more recent map file laying about. If not...
-TEDIT like mad
-build/replace/destroy a lot of stuff
-We say fuck it and start over again with a new map.

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