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Started by ButterDuck, 26-07-2015

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So, since this entire MC thing went to kill, why not make a Voltz modpack server? It would be better for role play seeing as now you can blow people up, or make a force-field to stop people from blowing you up. Or get power armor to fly and blow people up. Or make a water power generator, to power the missiles to blow people up.


Something like Voltz would be fun i guess? Its effectively building with light-rp. I find minecraft very tedious now-a-days i would play if we had something a little more... up tempo?

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The topic of doing modpacks has been going on for years now. It has been a quite controversial debate among the players here.
Port, the former director of Aceon, never wanted to install mods as it would limit the likelihood of others joining.
Now that this server is just sitting here and we could easily install a pack from one of the technic launcher modpacks, I don't see the point in restricting it any longer. If James is okay with it, we could definitely see about putting on a modpack.
I wouldn't suggest voltz, however, as it is quite limited in additions and is very tedious to do anything beyond vanilla minecraft.