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Started by Afromana, 16-12-2009

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In this thread we will cover the tactics of spies, this can be usefull if you either are a spy, or want to find spies.

Don't look the Enemy straight in the Eye!

You might have shouted at one point "How did he know I was a spy!?"

One effective rule is to never look the enemy straight in the eye. Always pretend like you're looking at something else. How do you do that exactly? Simple! You just offset your viewpoint by placing your target on the left or right edge of your screen like so:

Then when you're really close... you turn and go for the kill!

You might ask, is this really necessary? Well no, if your target is right in front of you. But if you're gunning for someone out of range, this will help. Even the people running behind you won't detect that you're about to stab someone.

To help emphasize this, instinctively players don't have their teammates right in the center of their screen, because it will block their line of sight/fire. Observe a group of demos, soldiers, snipers and heavies; if they are facing one direction you'll notice that they usually won't stand right in front of each other.

This tactic combined with other spy tactics like pretending you're camping or waiting, running backwards, strafing to target, strafing left and right and other spy tactics will make you a very effective spy.

TF2 Spy Tactics: Don't look the Enemy straight in the Eye!

Good spot for a Spy in Badwater

I think most of the pro spies know this one, but I also included a video to show how far your weapon actually sticks out.

I usually kill a lot of them here especially on the stairs. I think the reason for that is not only are you camping for backs to be exposed to you, but that place is a major hot spot. So the enemies running through there are usually busy paying attention to something else.

Beginner's Tip: it is easy/easier to stab someone who is busy shooting someone else!

Tele-Frag the Engineer (Oh im gonna hate myself posting this)

I'll explain this in 5 easy steps.

1.Get to the teleporter entrance and sap it. Both the entrance and exit will be sapped.
2.Stand on top of it.
3.Wait for the engie to unsap it.
4.Get teleported onto the engineer who will then die to a teleport kill.
5.Sap his buildings. :D
This works 80% of the time.

TF2 Spy Tactics: Tele-Frag the Engineer

Strategic Spy Caps

Spy caps along with everything in TF2 requires practice. It requires the mastery of stealth, concealment and luck. There's really no advice that I can think of that will increase your chances, most of the skills required is gained from personal experience. The video shows some examples of the best spy caps.

TF2 Spy Tactics: Strategic Spy Caps

Understanding Spy-Sentry Kills

As a spy there are so many skills that you have to master in order to be an effective sentry killer. The following is a list of these:

STAB & SAP: The most common and the most sure fire way of taking out a sentry. You stab the engineer and quickly sap the sentry before it starts firing on you. Circle strafing helps tremendously.

SAP & STAB: Commonly used if other sentries are nearby. You sap first and quickly stab the engineer. Players new to the spy class might think this tactic is a good way to start practicing killing a sentry. I actually found it harder...

SAP, SAP & SAP: The beginner's way of destroying a sentry. But thic tactic is quite effective against a cluster of buildings. As it creates a lot of confusion, and eventually the engineer won't be able to keep up.

TELE-FRAG & SAP: This was recently discovered and proved to be very effective against engineers bundled together in a confined spot--making a conventional sneak attack harder to pull off.

TELE, STAB & SAP: Can be used when the engineer is already aware of the tele-frag trick. Instead of sapping his entrance, just use it normally--he won't expect you popping up behind him!

OVER STAB & SAP: This is typically employed against engineers who stay and camp their sentry with their backs against a wall. You first get on top, decloak, crouch and stab.

LURE KILL, DISGUISE & SAP: Lure the engineer away from his sentry gun, usually by sapping one of his buildings. Sap, cloak, and wait for the engineer to come and repair it. Then uncloak, stab and sap his sentry.

CAMP KILL & SAP: This is done by camping on his dispenser until the time is right. Usually when you hear an uber incoming, that would be a good time.

AMBASSADOR KILL: This is done by going to the back or side of the sentry, while being out of range. Headshot the engineer to kill him, then you are free to shoot his sentry.

DIVIDE AND CONQUER: This should be done if you are having a hard time doing your job as a spy. Players clustered together with sentries isn't a very ideal place for a spy to sneak into. So kill their teleports and make them spread apart.

STALK, STAB & SAP: Wait for the engineer to leave the safety of his sentry, then stab him when you can. This is useful against engineers who never stand still.

KILL ENGINEER WITH SENTRY: This isn't really very practical, but there are very few situations when this tactic will be doable.

TF2 Tactics: Understanding Spy-Sentry Kills

An Alternative Way of Killing a Sentry Gun

This tactic was much improved with the introduction of the ambassador. This is useful in situations where the area in question is just too crowded for a spy to sneak into.

First thing I do is find a concealed spot to shoot from (preferably on the back or side). Second, I aim and wait for the right time. If your first shot lands a headshot then you can body shot an engineer and finish him off with those 2 shots.

If you're an engineer just sitting there quietly in the safety of your sentry and you get shot at, you usually pause and look around to see where the shot came from so you can align yourself and hide behind your sentry. As a spy use this behaviour to land the second shot while he's looking around!

Usually I wait 0.75 seconds to land the second accurate shot. Remember, the third shot will be harder to land because by then the engineer knows where you are. And he's gonna dodge perpendicular to your shots. So in short, surprise is the key.

TF2 Spy Tactics: An Alternative Way of Killing a Sentry Gun

This covers it for spy tactics
More will be posted when available.


This is handy. Should add Sap and Teamwork.

I find if your team is pushing the enemies front, it's helpful to have a spy sap their sentires an dshit, so your team can just open up and take them out.

That's if they are really foritfied or hard to take out yourself.

That teleporter trick is pretty dandy., can you telefrag enemies standing on it too?
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cool strategys thx for the list ^^


most of em are true,i agree because im playing spy every day.but in that video with that heavy "look away and not straight at him" you was lucky,he was stupid i think.