Engineer Tactics

Started by Afromana, 16-12-2009

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In this topic, we will cover the tactics you should use as an Engineer.

Lets start with an easy one

How to Build behind the Enemy in Badwater
This one can be usefull if your team is tired of being pinned down later in the game.
In the setup, build a sentry at spawn, covering your team moving out.
Run like hell, prefferably after a teammate down the tunnel.
If you're quick enough, you should be able to run past their spawn before anyone respawn.
Then you go up to the upper level building, make a sentry and dispenser, but NOT a teleport
You have to wait a little while, until your team caps the point nearby and is closing in on your defense
Then you make a teleporter exit, and type "kill" on console, taking you back to the spawn.
Walk out of the spawn, make a teleport and your team can now flank the enemy while someone pushes the cart.
I hope this has been usefull.

TF2 Tactics: How to Build behind the Enemy in Badwater

How fast should you be able to Build your Defense?

Currently now sure what map this is, but can be usefull.
I'll just post the video for now.
Should give you a good tip on how and where to put your defense
TF2 Tactics: How fast should you be able to Build your Defense?


As an engineer you have the ability to funnel your troops to whichever side you deem appropriate. For example the right flank is a solid block of defense, and the left is made up of weaker lighter defense. Don't teleport them to the strongest point of the enemy's defense. Instead, teleport them to the weaker side and in that way your troops will be able to hit that solid block of defense from their weaker side.

TF2 Tactics: Tactical Engineering: Teleports

Offensive Engineer in the Last Point of Badwater

This can work for both the right or left garages, but I'll write as though we'll be concentrating on garage below the map room.

When it is announced that an uber is going in (usually demo), I'll sit in the map room or the room right before the map room, and wait until the uber takes out the SG. Immediately upon seeing that the SG under map room is destroyed, I'll jump out the window. If there's other SGs, they should still be focusing on the uber down below, so you should be able to jump out without SG interference. Once below the map room, I'll immediately start building right where the enemy SG was. Hopefully, your level 1 of doom can keep you alive until the rest of your team arrives, or somehow you can get it up to level 2. Once it gets to level 2, things should be much easier and most of the red team should be mowed down as they jump down. At this time you should be yelling over mic for your team to push the cart, and to come save you.

Other things that can make this tactic work better:

1. Get another engie to follow you down to help build.
2. Get attack classes to cover you.
3. Your team will actually push the cart after you get a gun up.
4. If there are no enemy SGs at all, sometimes you can go get a gun up solo.

TF2 Engineer Tactics: Offensive Engineer in the Last Point of Badwater

More engineer tactics might be posted later, as they are either found, or made.