Dwarven Lore [PlaceHolder]

Started by CPftw, 09-05-2016

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The maker took up eight handfuls of stone, one for each finger and one for the thumb.
With which he crafted the great Chiefs of old, the ancestors to the clans who rule.
The eight Chiefs each took up a role and taught their descendants the skills to hone.
The iron and steel blazed by the Smith Chief Koran Ingetium for the tools of trade and war.
The sparkling gems set in shining gold by the Jeweller Chief Quantec Hlagru to adorn wrists and necks.
The tunnels and homes dug out by the Miner Chief Darna Oriksdral to make the paths and abodes.
The hops and wheat grown by the Farmer Chief Azuin Feldign to feast and drink in great halls.
The libations and prayers devoted by the Priest Chief Nurn Durgholm to secure the favour of the Gods.
The battles and war fought by the Warrior Chief Gthar Grimsborith to defend and advance the home and land.
The pelts and meat gathered by the Hunter Chief Varask Schergrol to sustain and clothe belly's and backs.
The statues and homes carved by the Sculpture Chief Torag Gantztroj to please the eye and create comfort.