[Lore] The Destruction and The Rebirth

Started by DarkThunder2, 18-05-2016

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(While I will explain the whole Isaac situation in another post, probably, here is what happened in-character during this time)
Year 0 of the Age of Beginnings
[00:46 AST] The Aenesian Army surrenders on the spot to the large, unsuspected invasion force of the Aridellian Army, with large portions either fleeing or committing suicide on the spot.

[01:05 AST] The Aenesian citizens rebel against the soon-to-invade force, managing to take out 400 of the 630 brought units in the confusion, with the Dragon firing down some ice to stay the army before a stray Ballista bolt shoots him down.

[01:33 AST] The remaining citizens flee, setting the town aflame and grabbing portions of the treasury as they go.

[01:36 AST] With the Dragon's dying breath, he fires a large ice structure at the front of the gates, blocking the remaining Aridellian soldiers inside.

[02:25 AST] Though most of the soldiers die in the blaze, with the main exit blocked in an unfamiliar city, a small fraction manage to escape.

[04:21 AST] The remaining Aenesian citizens, few as they may be, manage to flee to the safety of Podzemnyy's borders in the Jeral Mountains

[05:07 AST] The few Aridellian soldiers that survived the burning town make it back to Aridell and inform the citizens, as well as the few remaining guards (400 of the 650 total troops died in the initial attack, with 100-200 dying in the fire).

[05:46 AST] With their leader's horrifying mistake obvious, the Aridellian Rebellion Front (The ARF) takes charge, burning important governmental buildings-as well as supply areas-and publicly executes their leader, Reinhard Landrich, at the gallows, taking control over the city (with the large portion of the population supporting them in the moment), with this decision to be disputed for years to come.

To recap, Aenesia has fallen and Aridell is under the unstable control of The ARF. Any further events shall take place in-character once the majority of those involved gather together, and shall be posted here on the fourms. I hope this clears any confusion on the matter.

So, did anyone else see a floating cactus today? Just me?
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