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Initially, most RP's I've had the pleasure of participating in have been about preservation, and although this is a solid ideal to follow, with the advent of Starbound it's no longer 100% needed,  Starbound has essentially a near limitless amount of worlds, more resources than any one player could possibly hold, but I'll elaborate on why this is so important momentarilly, firstly lets begin with:

IC and OOC separation.

IC chat will be green text, this is also known as world text and is by default turned off, one can turn it on by clicking the button to the left of the chatbox.

OOC chat will be yellow text, also known as Galactic text and is by default turned on.

Currently there is no Emote function, starting with a *name will allow other players to discern this as an Emote.

When emoting, please break speech with quotation marks.

In character there will be two kinds of worlds, a "settler" world and an "event" world. ICly there will also only be one ship between the campaign, and although a specific character may "Own" this ship ICly, it will always be GM's ship OOCly.

Out of character there will also include one other type of world, a "Free" world

A settler world is going to be where most time in the campaign will be spent, this is where characters build, explore, form bonds, start fights, seek information and generally all the other things one would do while roleplaying. It is requested and encouraged, but not mandatory that you set the settler world as your home and write down any co-ords to a private world down in notepad for your own use. This makes sure that RP is readily accessible to everyone by simply teleporting "Home"

An event world is a world that has been tailored expressly for a climatic event signaling a pinnacle point in the campaign. Characters will be sent there as a group for a reason that has been built up upon on the settler world, be them hints, raids, kidnappings or other such things.

A Free world is a world that is being used by no one for any reason and may be used for whatever reason one might desire, a world that has a flag where you spawn is no longer a free world, it might be a future settler or event world or may even have been claimed privately by another player, regardless of the answer it is fundamental that it's left alone.

1. Creative Freedom

Currently there will be no limits set on character, race, subrace or history, what they are or did as long as they are not canonly mentioned in person in any lore books available within the game.

Please use common sense.

And PLEASE dear GOD... Do not name your character in game as its full name, it makes inviting you to the party annoying at best.

1.1 Player direction campaigning.

Your character won't be limited ICly in what they can do, if that character destroys a major plot device then so be it, the GMs will nod, take note, and begin a new plot or see if the current one can be repaired somehow, GMs more often then not bait a player character into taking such a drastic action, but that's up to the GMs involved.

Do not be afraid of doing something, more or less we anticipated it would be done.

But every action has a consequence, GMs won't stop you massacring an NPC village on the settler world, you may do so, but one must be expecting IC consequence and in turn repercussion for such a crime from the rest of the campaign members.

And, you'll have to be willing to fight each and every one of those NPC's in an RP fight at the GMs discretion.

Just for fairness.

1.2 Campaign ejection

This campaign will be somewhat of a majority rules type, if a character is left on a planet by the rest of their disgruntled party then that character is considered ejected and has no business with the party from here on out.

"Oh hey, I'm gonna be an original pain in the ass and steal the only space ship the party has" Do so, GMs will not stop you, this will simply create another plot device, one of how the party is going to escape from that planet if and when their task is complete.

1.3 Antagonists.

Some characters we will love to hate, there's no doubts that some players make some incredible antagonists but there is one problem with them: Characters generally won't like them.

We do not wish to discourage the creation of Antagonists in any way shape or form, so for GM approved Antagonists they will be immune to the Campaign Ejection ruling of being left on a planet and forgotten about, players will be asked to make these antagonists reappear as part of future events to make for recurring villains and anti-hero's.

In order to be eligible for the Antagonist approval the player needs to be okay with the idea that the character may be killed at some point.

2. Character abilities

Tech will currently be banned for use OOCly, and must be uninstalled before stepping foot inside a settler or event world. This is to help GMs create dungeons and events by hand without having HOURS of work railroaded by tech.

Other roleplay abilities such as martial arts, enhanced strength, stamina, speed, etc. must be verified by an appropriate back story and come with an equally powerful fallback. We realize not everyone is an average Joe, But balance is the key to victory and to not annoying any other parties involved.

Common sense is to be applied with all abilities, and if it isn't then you're liable to be pulled up by a GM, consult one if you feel you're on the mirrors edge.

2.1 Pets and Creature capture pods

We can't have EVERYONE having a pet, for one they clog up the screen, they are easy to aggravate, they might attack NPCs. But in essence they will not be banned.

To start off with one, another long and extensive creative writing description will be required as to why you have this beast beside you, why they follow you and what they do, they will have almost no presence in a confrontation (Think Jack Russel between two armed individuals), will have about the same level of intelligence as a small dog and MUST be captured on a tier 1 world.

You can get one through roleplay as well, one can be awarded to you after showing decent roleplay with a particular species/individual. Ask a GM for help on this one, it will be up to that GM in the end if you get it or not and is dependent on a few things; The temperament of the monster, your role play abilities and your characters behavior.

2.2 Supernatural abilities (Genetypes)

A decent amount of lore mentions extraneous abilities by certain individuals, at the moment during character creation there will be a Yes/No box to show interest in your character having a specified Gene which may or may not be activated to give supernatural powers akin to those that monsters use.

It is of course subject to GM discretion if and when it's activated, but consulting one about an ability you have in mind for your character can help speed up the process.

There will be a sidestory revolving around the character in question and them progressing in power over time, those who do have the gene are subject to metal hypersensitivity when their gene becomes active, but may also suffer some beforehand.

Those with the gene may also conflict with unique weaponry.

2.2.1 Glitch Genes

Glitch have their own genes although they are extremely different to those of flora and fauna, it's more of a historical software, something that simply records whom the character was built by, this makes having the gene on glitch not viable.

Not to mention the metal sensitivity, considering what glitch are composed of.

In order to have access to extraneous abilities Glitch will need to acquire a unique weapon or equipment piece (2.5).

2.3 Dress code and Armour

Currently we are requesting all participants have higher tiered armour than 5, it's not a requirement but more of a comfort.
This will enable Characters to interact at length outside of buildings without obnoxious monsters breaking up roleplay, even have players RP fight with these monsters, it's entirely up to them.

Starbound features a cosmetics layer that goes over the armour, it is required that this be used AT LEAST with a basic villager uniform of your race, your characters will find other outfits to use during the course of the campaign, or you can join the campaign and have your clothing as apart of your characters vocation.

2.4 Backpack slots

These also have some functions but in general are aesthetic, it's okay to equip a scroll or a lamp or a giant flower, but try to put some thought into it, why is your character wearing it, where did they find it... Weave it into the character rather then it just being another aesthetic. (For LoL fans: Ryze and his scroll is a great example)

2.4.1 Wings

No. Demon wings and Cupids wings are no.

2.5 Weapons

Your weapons are required to be first tier, stuff you can buy, make, or find laying around on the very first world or any other allocated settler world.

This reason is also partially cosmetic, later weapons have drastic variations in looks, any strange looking weaponry will generally only be featured as an event item or be given to a character in very special circumstances by a GM.

If you want your character to be able to equip one of these weapons (And if you find one in a chest or dropped from a world boss) then consult a GM and we may be able to organize a side story for that character on finding or otherwise learning how to use the weapon and its abilities.

Those with the Gene (2.2 Supernatural abilities) will not be able to equip weapons with extraneous functions.

2.6 Matter Manipulator

This does not exist ICly, do not mention it.
When it's being used it is simply a character using their limbs to manipulate the world around them, breaking a tree, digging a hole, placing furniture are all done by hand ICly, OOCly one cannot exist without it, you can't get first tier tools.

2.7 Vocation

Some characters will undoubtedly have skill and knowledge in areas other characters do not, so as apart of the character creation process, players will be able to select from a series of functionable jobs, weapons and armour smithing, artificers (People who can help identify magical weapons), Farming and (with the addition of capture pods) husbandry, piloting, cooking etc.

The list will be extensive but not all encompassing, you'll be able to create your own specialization based on your backstory and specialize in anything that will add to roleplay, it doesn't have to be linked with a game feature.

3. Combat!

Combat will be entirely roleplayed out, no IC outcomes will be deferred to PVP under any circumstances. Players are welcome to engage in the act in their own time away from any Settler or Event worlds.

3.1 Turns

Combatically speaking, things will be brought down into a maximum of 2 actions per turn, that's two things you can do, moving once and shooting once would be considered two actions, throwing two punches would be considered two actions, dodging or blocking two punches would be considered two actions, firing an automatic weapon would release six bullets in the space of two turns, moving out from cover and shooting is considered two actions, Picking up a weapon from the ground and throwing it is considered two actions. Etc.

3.2 Damage

Damage received is entirely up to the player, the amount of damage and/or severity they take from any attack is up to the player playing the character to decide, it will be respected by all parties involved.

HOWEVER, don't push on this, be reasonable, it is role play not PVP, there are no winners or losers in an RP, there is no ladder to climb or points to gain, combat is done to create or disperse turmoil or remove danger.

3.2.1 Powergaming

Powergaming is an umbrella term for power your character should not possess

Players caught powergaming (And what is considered powergaming is up to the GM involved) will firstly lose respect from all other parties involved, secondly runs the risk of having the character ejected from the campaign and in some cases the player from the server.

3.2.2 Metagaming

Metagaming is an umbrella term for information your character should not know.

Metagaming, knowing another characters weakness without it being insanely obvious or being told by another character is going to tick everyone off. Don't use OOC knowledge you picked up on the forum for IC brawls. Please and Thank you.

3.3 Death

Character death, much like damage is entirely up to the player playing that character, no player, GM, demon or angel can inflict death upon a character without player consent.

This may be bent in an extreme circumstance that requires a player to be removed from the server, it is only under that level of extreme that a GM will step in and handle a character death.

4 Character housing

Here's another common sense article.
Wood, packed dirt, stone, brick and similar articles are great things to make your house out of.

There are some items that are situational.
Ice, Sandstone, Obsidian, rainbow wood are all to be used on worlds that they are native to.

Some items are okay in small amounts.
Bone (I'm looking at you Floran), Crystal, liquids, Glass, leaf blocks and their kin.

Some items are okay once we have reached a decent way through the campaign.
Precious metals, iron/steel panels, any kind of tech block or wiring compatible, electric lighting.

Some items are not okay
Flesh, mud, poo, sand and gravel, anything that requires "Cellmateria" or its kin.

Decorating your house by your race is encouraged but not mandatory and can be supported by GMs if you don't have something in your Printers library.

4.1 Resource gathering.

The starbound server and its staff do not bar or prevent anyone from exploring other worlds in their own time, there is an infinite number of stars in the Starbound galaxy, so in order to prevent settler worlds from becoming ugly Swiss cheese, we are asking expressly for those participating in the Starbound Campaign to gather the resources for their IC home or house in their own time, OOCly, Off world.

That is to say, do not destroy the settler world(s), do not mine or gather resources from it, do not take furniture from it (Furniture subject to GM discretion, you can steal a couch from a dead NPC if you have a friend with you and are willing to RP it out)

Break blocks within reason, flatten out a plot of land to place a house upon if you have to, I personally integrate the land into the design of the house but this is not required.

Size isn't too big a deal, just don't go stupid with it, if you make it look immaculate then size probably won't matter to anyone.

Go off world, do your dirty destructive business, then come back to the settler world and decorate your home according to your characters abilities and resources that would be available to them.

4.2 Free world homes.

I. don't. care.

Seriously, do what you like on worlds that no one else is going to see, there's millions upon millions more of them, but if you want to claim a world as your own, put down a flag to let others know to move on.

Want safety? The random button on your ships control is your friend, use it.

5. Roleplay content

We are essentially all consenting adults here, so I hope that we can all get through this section with maturity and tact.

5.1 Erotic roleplay

Personally I am an advocate for freedom in roleplay content, and sex in an integral part of all life, I always saw it as kind of a spice on a dish.
Too much and the dish is ruined, too little and the dish is bland and boring.

My own personal views aside, I realize that not everyone shares an open mind the way I do, and for whatever reason would very much like not to have erotic content divulged in their view, so it is with a heavy heart that I say that all intimate encounters are to take place in a private setting where no other players (Excluding those invited) can read what is going on or fade to black.

Such mediums include: Steam chat, world chat on a personal ship, world chat on a free planet, and other unsupported textual clients.

5.2 Cussing

This one I believe is less of a problem, we're all probably too familiar with these words, as long as they are not spammed OOCly then there won't be a problem. Some people swear, it's what they do, some do it a lot, and locking these characters out of a role play would be robbing everyone of a childish smile.

Taste and Tact is key, do it well and be revered, overdo it and risk repercussion.


Since I have received a couple of requests as to what is considered 'not okay' in terms of equipment and client-side modifications for players, I'm adding an addendum to the rules list here.

1. Client-side mods: The standing policy with any mods is that it can have no effect on the existing gameplay within roleplay. Using a mega-mining mod, mech mod, etc. while on an Event or Colony world is not allowed.

I would like to request that anyone who decides to use a mod off the colony worlds makes a request through me before doing so. It was discovered that the loss of our world was directly tied to someone using a client-side mod, so caution is advised.

2. Equipment: Anything your character acquires is something you will have had to be able to get while on the current world. Later in the story there will be a shuttle that can bring you to other 'nearby' planets, increasing how far you can feasibly go, but for now, stick to the basics.

If you aren't sure, contact me. For instance, a Crossbow is something you could possibly build, but does your character have any knowledge of how to build one? And outside there being a Glitch settlement on the planet, or ruins of one, finding a crossbow is otherwise unlikely.

Same with guns, etc. But again, most of this stuff is special cases.

As a final note, any circumstances you're uncertain of, just send me a PM and I'll give you a verdict.

Hope this provides some clarifications! Let me know if more is needed.