Well, we gotta get this out of the way.

Started by Duranblackraven, 15-02-2011

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Before Monolith launches we have a whole laundry list of things that need to get done concerning Event Mono, and other things.

For now we've settled on this issue. Event Monolith will have the choice of either leaving their faction if they are dual-factioning, or stop using their Monolith. Any 'ex-monolith' from here on out will not be allowed. Either you're in Monolith now, or your not. Period. Concerning current event mono that don't want to leave their other faction, you will need to turn in all your gear to either Rav or Duranblackraven. Pick one we don't care.

Those staying need to post their character name and OOC steam name as a reply to this topic so you can be added to the roster at a later date once we have that up.

To clear a few other things up yes there are events going on at this time concerning Mono's revamp and rebirth, however they'll be coming slow and you may or may not get in on them. Iunno, I can't inform you when Rav or I may just feel like doing one such event.

Rav or I will add more to this when we think of anything else, so check on this often.


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We've already dealt with my case, I'll speak to you over SF some time later Duran.



I handed my stuff to Rovanoger and deleted the event monolith character.