Want a new passive RP faction? BEVA Inc!

Started by Locke, 27-09-2009

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Sick and tired of shooting things?

Want to write cool reports that other people will read and look in amazement at?

Here at BEVA Inc we pride ourselves in the fact that we are the sole news source for the Zone!

Here's a breakdown of how it works; You submit IC Reports with Photos (Screenshots) that I read, and put into a weekly newspaper that the whole community can read!

We're not a faction that ever sees combat action, unless under the oddest circumstances, the leader is a British man named Charles Winchester, who is very eccentric about all he does. The official title of members in BEVA are reporters. There are many ranks of reporter you can attain, depending on how well you do. You will be supplied with Nato weapons, and depending on your rank you can even receive suits. You will never have to use the cool weapons and suits you're supplied with, they're just a perk of the job, and hopefully will make others think twice about shooting you. In most cases BEVA will hire mercenaries or stalkers to guard the reporters as they go around doing what they do best. If a team of a reporter and a merc become very close after many missions, they could become a permanent team.

What we're looking for
- Active Players
- Good Roleplayers
- People with strong language skills
- Fun people to work with

If you want to join, PM me on the forums and we can arrange an IC meeting for you to apply at. At BEVA you must apply ICly in order to gauge your Roleplay abilities and your asset to the faction.

If you're still interested after that wall of text, come over to http://www.forums.hypergamer.net/index.php?board=189.0 and read the rules, check out the old thread and see the kind of things we do. If you're really interested in BEVA and want to join read all the material on the forum, post around in the appropriate areas and contact me  for your meeting.

Another note: If you were in BEVA previously and are not on the roster you should contact me if you still want to be in it.


Sounds pretty neat. Zone reporters and a newspaper. :D

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You should apply if you're interested!


I would probably apply, but I don't think I have all the criteria covered up.

Besides, I like being an E.S.T.W.
(Explorer, Scavenger, Trader Wannabe)

EDIT: Woot! Post number 30!

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Slots are closing up soon, get yours soon.

Did I mention the awesome british equipment?