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Started by klp4, 29-12-2009

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Well my computer went ahead and bumfucked it self, it's loaded with viruses and i wont be able to do anything for a few day(if i'm lucky).

While i'm away i'm going to elect the new Co-leader, NOt right now but i want everyone who actually thinks they are good enough for the pos to write a new application (use the Ordenary Mili App) And pm it to me, The only REquierments that i have are that if your not an Officer(Lt or higher) You make a new char ence it would be retarded if a private got Corpral and te app has to be 6 paragraphs long and it has to be connected to the subjct(Áka it has t be about leading soldiers both in and out of battle) You also have to be a part of the military, I would prefer if you made a story that centerd around our part of the zone For exemple a battle that involves our soldiers couse i want the Char to be connected to ourUNits history.

I will go through the storys as they come in and if everyone is to lasy to read this i'll just kick you all and start fresh.

// Radek
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How much time do we have to work on our apps?
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